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Thursday's Video
Graphing IV

Math Book Online
Math Book On-Line

Science Book Online.  See our "Science" page for password and 
name information.
Science Book On-Line

See our "Reading" page for password and user name information
Language Arts Textbook

This is a great site to use when researching your state!
State Information

This is a great site with games to help you learn the states, 
their capitals, and where they are located.
State Capitals Games

What a fun way to learn the states!  Play many types of games to 
help make learning geography fun.
United States Games

Kids can "travel" across a map of the U.S. by reading a book that 
takes place in each of the states.  The list spans fiction and 
nonfiction for younger to older readers.
National Education Association's 50 State Book List

Mission US brings history alive for students.  This exciting 
multimedia project places the student into the drama of pre-
Revolutionary War Boston.  Through game play, students navigate 
historic settings, develop relationships with key figures, 
investigate primary documents, witness pivotal events, and 
ultimately decide their fate in the face of history.
Mission US

Math games for 1-2 players.
Fun Brain

Access information about entering Astounding Inventions.  
Astounding Inventions

Interactive math site for children.  It is a great substitute for 
a software 
program that covers basic facts and computation.  Each skill 
includes a 
tutorial along with practice problems
AAA Math

Contains lots of practice problems by grade level all the way to 
Algebra I.
Math Practice Problems

This is a very fun way to find new words to use instead of common 
ones.  It can also be used as a dictionary.
On-Line Thesaurus

An interactive spelling site where students can practice their 
spelling words for the weekly quiz.
Spelling Review

A fun, interactive site that gives you spelling lists from all 
grade levels.
Spelling Games

An excellent resource for grade-level vocabulary words.
Worldly Wise Vocabulary List


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