Mrs. Barr 8th Grade Science

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Notebook Requirements

Your science notebook is by far one of the most important tools you will be using in class this year. Science notebooks are graded at the end of each quarter.


Illustrative Summaries Student Samples
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2nd Quarter Notebook 2015-2016

At a minimum, the following should be on the OUTSIDE of your notebook: Your name, "Science", Class Period (preferably in permanent marker or nicely done on computer paper)

p. 1     New Table of Contents
p. 2     2nd Quarter Notebook Sheet
p. 3     Homework p. 363 Questions
p. 4     Chapter 10: Forces (cover page)
p. 5     Illustrative Summary for Chapter 10-1
p. 6     Chapter 10-1 Notes
p. 7     Illustrative Summary for Chapter 10-2 (Friction)
p. 8     Chapter 10-2 (Friction) Notes
p. 9     Illustrative Summary for Chapter 10-2 (Gravity)
p. 10     Chapter 10-2 (Gravity) Notes
p. 11     Illustrative Summary for Chapter 10-3 Notes
p. 12     Chapter 10-3 Notes (Newton's 1st/2nd Laws)
p. 13     * Blank * OR Newton's Foldable
p. 14     Warm-Up Questions p. 392 in textbook
p. 15     Illustrative Summary on Chapter 10-4 Notes
p. 16     Notes on Chapter 10-4
p. 17     Illustrative Summary on Chapter 10-5 Notes
p. 18     Notes on Chapter 10-5
p. 19
p. 20


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