Mrs. Caradonna

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About The Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Sherrie Caradonna

SCHOOL: Wegeforth Elementary School

CLASS: Third/Fourth Grade GATE

SCHOOL PHONE: 858-496-8274

About The Teacher

I was born in Waxahachie, TX and moved to Santee, CA when I was five.  I
graduated from S.D.S.U., where I received my Bachelor's degree in Liberal
Studies and my CA Teaching Credential.  I received my Master's Degree in
Educational Administration from Azusa Pacific University.  I have taught at 4 
schools (Miller, Tierrasanta, Oak Park Music Conservatory and Wegeforth) in
S.D.U.S.D.  I have taught grades 1-5 and served as a Peer Coach/Staff
Developer in my 29 years of teaching. This is my 19th year at Wegeforth

I have been married for 44 years to John and live in the Serra Mesa community.
We have 2 adult daughters.  Shauna, our oldest, is a Middle School Physics,
Chemistry and Astronomy teacher.  She is married to Scott, who is a C.F.P. and
they live in Murietta.  Collin, my grandson, is 15 and in 10th 
grade.  Rebekah, my granddaughter, is almost 9
years old and in 3rd Grade.  Marsha, my youngest daughter, is a
C.P.A. and lives in Orange County with her new husband, John, and her cat,
Fuzzface .

I enjoy reading, walking, traveling, and spending time with my family and friends.

Mission for Room 9

1.   Students read and understand grade-level appropriate reading material.
2.   Students read 10,000 pages.
3.   Students write and compose narratives, descriptives, personal and formal
     letters, informational reports, etc.
4.   Students further their knowledge of place value, number sense, algebra,
     geometry, measurement, statistics, data analysis and probability.
6.   Students memorize their multiplication and division facts through 
     their 12s.
7.   Students develop scientific reasoning and realistic problem solving  
8.   Students learn how to refer to evidence to support an idea.
9.   Students demonstrate their motor skills and movement patterns needed to
     perform a variety of physical activities.
10.  Students participate in various musical and artistic experiences.
11.  Students are encouraged to communicate by requiring individual students  
     to take part in a cooperative learning process.
12.  Students learn from nature, literature, the teacher, and each other.
13.  Students will participate in challenging courses that will foster
     creativity and problem-solving skills.
14.  Most importantly, students try their best, be creative, and HAVE FUN!

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