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Teachers at most grade levels require research reports and/or projects 
periodically throughout the year.  Classroom and Library Media Teachers often 
teach "The Big Six" when assigning a research project or paper.  The 
components of "The Big Six" are:

1. Task Definition - Define the information problem; identify the 
information needed in order to complete the task.

2. Information Seeking Strategies - Determine the range of possible 
sources (brainstorm); evaluate the different possible sources to determine 

3. Location and Access - Locate sources; find information within 

4. Use of Information - Engage (read, hear, view, touch) the 
information in a source; extract relevant information from a source.

5. Synthesis - Organize information from multiple sources; present the 

6. Evaluation - Judge the product (effectiveness); judge the 
information problem-solving process (efficiency).

For a closer look at "The Big 6" and how it can work for you, click on the 
"Reference Links" icon on the Wildwood Libary Homepage, and then click 
on "The Big 6".

Useful links for Wildwood Elementary School research projects will be found 
by clicking on the "Reference Links" icon on the Wildwood Library 
homepage, or on the "Library Research Links" icons for Grades 2, 3, 4, 
or 5 on the homepage.

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