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Library Policies

All students at Wildwood Elementary visit the library once a week for a 30 
to 50 minute class.  Literature-based library lessons insure that all 
students are introduced to different literary genres and award-winning 
authors while they are being taught how to locate books and information in 
our library as well as in any other public library.

Circulation Policies - 

Kindergarten     - 1 book per child for 1 week
1st to 3rd Grades - 2 books per child for 1 week*
4th & 5th Grades - 2 books per child for 2 weeks*

*Whenever a research assignment is given, children may be allowed to check 
out a 3rd book.

If a child has an overdue book, s/he may not check out any new materials 
until the overdue item has been returned or renewed.

I welcome volunteers in the library, and invite you to join us as we inspire 
a new generation of readers!  If you have any questions about our library, 
please email me by clicking the mailbox icon at the upper right-hand corner 
of the library homepage.

A list of all text materials issued to each student, along with the 
replacement price for each, can be found by clicking on the "Textbook and 
Materials List" icon on our Library Homepage.

*Please note:  Each year, some of our texts and library books 
are ruined by broken juice boxes or leaky water bottles in backpacks.  These 
accidents are unfortunate, but are PREVENTABLE.  Please ask 
your child to carry all liquids separate from books and other school 
materials.  Please do not put a lunch box or bag containing a juice 
box or pouch, a water bottle or a thermos, into your child's backpack if the 
backpack also contains books.   Thank you!

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