Mrs. Lock - Wildwood Library

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About the Library & Your Librarian

NAME: Mary Lock

SCHOOL: Wildwood Elementary School

CLASS: Library

SCHOOL PHONE: (805) 492-3531 ext. 114

About The Librarian/Media Specialist

Welcome!  Please be patient as I try to keep up with updates to my library 
website for the 2010-11 school year.  The good folks at Teacher Web 
implemented lots of upgrades last summer which have left my site filled with 
many areas of jumbled text and missing documents (Library Schedule, etc.), 
and some of their changes have me struggling to understand how to load up my 
data onto new pages. 

In addition, reduced library hours this year mean that, while there has been 
no change in the amount of time that students spend in the library each week, 
the time previously available for other clerical tasks such as book ordering 
and processing, textbook duties, Accelerated Reader maintenance, and keeping 
the library website (especially features such as "Author Events" 
and "Shakespeare in Your Back Yard") updated has been reduced.  Thank you for 
your patience and understanding!

Objectives of the Library

A library is not simply a place where books are stored.  A good library is an 
alive, engaging, and always evolving meeting place where students, teachers, 
and parents can get together and share their interests.  A good library is a 
place where students come to be inspired and entertained.  A good library 
turns students into effecient seekers and finders of information.  A good 
library is where children and parents find a librarian who is passionate 
about great books.  

Come on in - Wildwood's Library is that library!

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