Welcome back to the 2016-'17 school year!  Thank you for making your way to Room 8's website.  I will update the site daily, but your child's planner is the 1st place to look.  Please take a look around and add it to your "favorites" list.  

Does your child want to participate in FW sports and cheer next year?  I let the students know that in order to participate next year, they have to have a 2.0 GPA and good citizenship in the 4th quarter.  Please continue having your child prepare for assignments and tests through the end of the year.

**Families-if you take your child out of school while we are at PE, I will not be able leave the other students to let your child back into the classroom. 

Pates Pride points-students have 5 points for each month.  Once they lose all 5 points and then a 6th, they have earned one day in after school detention.  Students who keep at least 1 point by the end of the month get to join in the month's celebration activity.

FW Spirit-Each Friday FW wears spirit clothes/blue and gold.  Especially if you are new to FW, you can purchase spirit clothes at school or just wear obvious blue and gold each Friday.  We encourage all students to join in with this FW tradition!

No cough drops allowed at school without  a medical form filled out in the office.  These are a choking hazard.

Co-curricular activities-when students are out of the classroom for the pull out, they have to make up the work missed.  As a parent you need to decide how many your child can handle in the year and still keep up their grades.  I like to see children do at least one activity, if there is a time to try something new, it's during the elementary years.

Did you know....
Poster contests and essays are offered in class, but if your child lost their handout or forgot to ask for one, please go to the FW website and they will be posted there for you to download.

Did you know you can clear your child's absence by going through the school's website?  Try it next time, it sounds very convenient.

Try this website that correlates with our reading series for extra help and practice:  http.//