Bermuda Course Information


Dive into coral reefs with the Amity High School Bermuda course. Please accept our invitation to attend the Bermuda Course Information Night on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 from 7 pm-8 pm in the Lecture Hall at Amity High School.

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     This course is open to all Amity students grades 8-12 (graduated 8th graders heading to the high school) and is offered in the spring semester. Join us as we celebrate 28 years studying marine science at Amity. Science, LE, 0.5 credits. Grading: Pass/Fail

     Bermuda is located a few hundred miles off the coast of North Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf Stream current travels north surrounding the island in warm, tropical water making it possible for an exquisite coral reef system to form.  Located here is an oceanographic research station called BIOS, the Bermuda Institute for Ocean Sciences, where groundbreaking historic and current research is being done. In addition to coursework at school and snorkeling sessions at Orange Town Pool, students live and work at BIOS during a 7-day field study.

     Students will prepare for this unique course by studying fish adaptations, the formation of seamounts and coral reefs, and the problem of introduced species. Students will visit Cooper’s Island, to participate in conservation efforts to restore native plants, such as, the Bermuda Cedar. Student research is front and center as they investigate a favorite marine invertebrate and prepare a multimedia presentation to share with fellow students. Marine technology and exploration will be showcased by the work of explorer, William Beebe, and his bathysphere.

Internship:  Available to second year students. Past internship projects include an octopus study to determine nocturnal behavior, a reef fish census and the restoration of native plant species to Cooper’s Island.  Students design, perform and report on an independent investigation. Science, LE, 0.5 credits.

     Student selection is based on interest as reflected in the application response questions, science teachers and counselor recommendations. Applications are distributed at the Information Night, October 18th. Program requirements, application process, passports, equipment, fees and more will be described.

After October 18th, applications are available from the main office, through the links on the left margin, and from course instructors. Contact Valerie Cournoyer, for more details. Application due date: November 10, 2017, submitted to Mrs. Cournoyer, Mrs. Nevolis or Mrs. Best.

Amity Middle School students may submit applications to Mrs. Steele in Orange and Mr. Goldstein in Bethany.