Frenchtown Math

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About The Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Michele Sansone & Mrs. Sangeeta Gidwani

SCHOOL: Frenchtown Elementary School

CLASS: Math Specialists-Room #144B

SCHOOL PHONE: (203) 452-4227

About The Math Specialists:

Mrs. Gidwani supports teachers and students in grades K, 1, 2 & 3 math 
classes.  She has been at Frenchtown since it opened in 2003. Prior to 
Frenchtown, Mrs. Gidwani taught 2nd Grade at Tashua Elementary and 
Kindergarten/2nd Grade in Northern Virginia.

Mrs. Sansone started her career in Stamford Public Schools.  She also taught 
5th grade at Frenchtown prior to becoming a Math Specialist for grades 4 and 

Our Mission For Math Excellence at Frenchtown

We believe all children can succeed in the area of mathematics.  We hope to 
instill a LOVE of mathematics in all students at Frenchtown.  We will 
encourage students to explore, wonder, question and always ask "why".  We 
will also support teachers with necessary math manipulatives, resources and 
technology to ensure math instruction meets the diverse needs of ALL 
students.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  
Click on the email link on the home page.

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