Mrs. Windsor

NAME: Mrs. Brenda Windsor

SCHOOL: Frenchtown Elementary

CLASS: 5th grade class, math, and science

SCHOOL PHONE: 452-4227

About The Teacher

I was born and raised in the Midwest. After graduating from 
high school in Naperville, IL, I completed a four year degree from the 
University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point in fashion merchandising and business 
management.  After college I worked in various capacities of the professional 
world as a music wholesale buyer and in retail management.  

After achieving a level of success in the corporate world that was only 
lacking in self fulfillment, I went back to school to get a master's degree 
education. I bring a great deal of my real life work experience to my 
classroom on a regular basis.

Most recently, I have completed a sixth year degree from the University of 
Bridgeport in Instructional Technology. I am hoping to utilize my technology 
education to improve the technology instruction throughout Trumbull. 

Besides my love of education, I am married with two lovely daughters and we 
reside in Trumbull. Our home is constantly busy with extra children "hanging 
out" and enjoying the joys craziness life has to offer. 

Mission For The Class

It is my goal as an educator to help all children reach their highest level 
of success.  I want today's youth to be well educated, socially acceptable, 
and able to improve the society in which they live.  In order to accomplish 
all of these things, children need to learn acceptance, tolerance, and 
compassion.  My classroom is filled with innovative lessons that encourage 
cooperative work effort and problem solving.  I am a firm believer that 
education begins at home, and the best way to help children succeed is to 
encourage a strong working relationship between school and home.