NAME: Mrs. Mordecai

SCHOOL: Frenchtown

CLASS: First Grade

SCHOOL PHONE: 203-452-4227

About The Teacher

You will learn lots of things about me this year like...
*  I live in Guilford with my husband George,
*  my son Brian is 32 and lives, works and skis in Aspen, Colorado,
*  I love chocolate, walking and hiking, cooking, reading, and gardening, 
*  my favorite colors are green and blue,
*  and I think first graders are the best in the world!

Mission For The Class

We will be a family of learners who help and support each other, who always 
strive to do our best, who use strategies to help ourselves, who are proud 
our accomplishments and those of others, who show respect, and who have fun 
being and learning together!