Mrs. Wolfe

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NAME: Mrs. Rachel Wolfe

SCHOOL: Frenchtown Elementary School

CLASS: 4th Grade

About Me

In 1979, I was graduated summa cum laude from Temple University with a degree 
in Elementary Education. For 24 years I performed dual roles as both a stay-
at-home mom and owner of a graphic arts business.  This allowed me the 
opportunity to stay active as a volunteer in the Monroe Public Schools, 
while remaining readily available to meet the needs of my two daughters. 
Seven years ago, I joined the Frenchtown staff. I have taught in grades 3-5. 
Last May, I completed a Masters Program in Elementary Education with a 
concentration in reading. This is my third year teaching 4th grade. I live in 
Monroe with my husband David. We have two daughters- Melissa, age 30, and 
Carly, age 23. In my spare time, I like to draw, cook, sew, and engage in 
numerous crafting projects. You’ll see some of my handiwork decorating our 
classroom. Over the years, our family has hosted exchange students from all 
around the world. Learning about different cultures and traditions and 
welcoming new people into our family has been so much fun!  I hope that you 
will be excited to share your family traditions with me as well. 

My Goals as a Teacher:

*To ensure a secure learning environment where children can flourish
academically, emotionally, and socially

*To provide creative, stimulating, and meaningful lessons, tailored to
meet the individually diverse needs of today’s student population

*To instill a sense of pride and self-worth , promote the celebration of
individual differences, and encourage students to play an integral role in
their local and global communities

This year's theme:   Oh the Places We'll Go!

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