Announcements and Class Information

                            Welcome 2016-2017 Kindergartners! :)

     I am thrilled to be your child's teacher this year. To help ease some 
"first day" anxieties that we all have, here are some things to do right away 
(or know) before the first day of school.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

1. It would be helpful if you could submit your email address and subscribe
to my NewsFlash page right away!  This way I can let your know the important 
information that is happening in your child's classroom.  It also helps me 
build a list of email contacts to help improve home-school communication. To 
subscribe, click on my NewsFlash page and then the "subscribe" button on 
the page.

2. School starts on Thursday, September 1 and is a full day.  A full day begins at 
8:35 and ends at 3:20. 

3. You and your child can get a sneak peak at me and their classroom on 
Wednesday, August 31! Come to our open house from 1:45-2:30 in room 175 to 
say hello! You can also drop off supplies/donations at this time.

4.  Please help your child start preparing the "All About Me" paper which was 
included in their welcome packet.  The children will have fun sharing these 
posters over the first two weeks as we focus on building community and getting to 
know our new friends that make up room 175!  

5. Snack and Lunch: On full days, lunch is served.  We have an incredibly 
early "brunch" at 11:00 each day. With that said, we will be having a later 
afternoon snack. Snacks MUST be nut free as our classroom is a Nut Free Zone. 
Lunches can contain peanut/tree nut products since they are eaten in the 
cafeteria.  To help your child learn both of these routines, it is imperative to 
keep lunches and snacks SEPARATE starting the first day of school.  This means if 
your child will be having a lunch from home, place their lunch in a lunch bag 
(labeled brown bag or reusable lunch bag) and their snack in a snack bag (labeled 
brown bag or reusable snack bag). Your child's lunch will be stowed outside of the 
room in a bin and snacks in each child's cubby. When lunches and snacks are placed 
together, it can be very confusing for both your child and me to determine what is 
meant to be saved for snack time. Children often end up eating their snack during 
lunchtime or everything during lunchtime and are left without a snack 
come afternoon.  If your child is purchasing lunch, you may do one of two things.  
You may provide funds to your child's lunch account by either going online or 
sending a check when funds are needed OR you may provide cash daily for lunch 
purchases.  Please make sure to LABEL any money sent in, in an envelope or sealed 
plastic baggie with your child's full name and room number. 

6. Legal Day: Dismissal is at 1:00. Depending on the day, lunch may or may not be 
served.  I will let you know if you should pack a bagged lunch or not.   

7. Early Dismissals: In the case of inclement weather, a legal day (1:00 
dismissal) is followed.  Slips come home in the fall that MUST be filled out 
indicating your dismissal wishes should an early dismissal occur. Lunch is 
served when an early dismissal is called.

8. Delayed Opening: Should this be called, school will begin 90 minutes later, 
at 10:05 am OR 21/2 hours later at 11:05 am.  Listen closely when we have 
inclement weather so you know what kind of delay is called. 

You will receive so much more information as the school year begins regarding 
our schedule, specials, class routines and so much more! I truly look forward 
to meeting you and hope to early on, at either Open House or Kindergarten Back to 
School Night!

                                Thank you so much!
                                  Mrs. Bershefsky