Mrs. Gaspar

NAME Mrs. Gaspar:

SCHOOL: Frenchtown Elementary

CLASS Room 206 second floor:

SCHOOL PHONE (203) 452-4227:

About The Teacher

I have been teaching elementary school for 20 years.  I began my teaching career in Orange at Peck 
Place School, where I taught 5th grade for six years.  In 2003, I had the pleasure of joining the new 
staff at our beautiful new Frenchtown School.  I began my tenure here teaching 3rd grade.  The 
following year, I "looped" up with my class and taught 4th grade.  I remained in that grade for ten 
wonderful years. 

I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to teach 5th grade again this year. I am working with an 
amazing fifth grade team, and I am looking forward to another exciting and challenging academic 
experience with my next class.

I am happily married to my husband (Steve), and have one grown son (Stephen) who is 29 years old 
and lives in Los Angeles, California. I have many passions (outside of my teaching career) which 
include: spending time with my loving family and my adorable Chihuahua DIVA, singing, theater, 
yoga, cooking, baking, reading, and traveling. 

Mission For The Class

I believe that every child brings a unique set of academic skills and social abilities to fifth grade.  
These qualities will be enriched, refined and enhanced through an effective home-school partnership. 
This year, parents will work closely with me to take an active, responsible role in their child's 
educational process.  Together we will do all that we can to inspire, encourage and challenge our 
children to grow - both academically and socially in a safe, nurturing environment of mutual and self