About The Teacher

TEACHER: Ms. Maria Sansone

SCHOOL: Frenchtown/ Third Grade

E-MAIL: msansone@trumbullps.org

SCHOOL PHONE: 203-452-4227

All About our Classroom

Welcome to the new school year! I am so pleased to be your child's 
I am entering my fourteenth year teaching at Frenchtown and this is my 
second year teaching third grade, although I did do my student teaching in 
third grade a long time ago! I am so excited to begin a new academic 
journey with my new third grade class! What a wonderful age group! 
I have my Masters in Education from the University of Bridgeport. I 
continue to take an active part in furthering my knowledge in education by 
attending professional workshops offered by the district and reading about 
new and fresh teaching strategies and ideas to better help my students 
make the most of his/her learning experience.

My goal is to make a difference in my students' educational experience and 
to instill in them a love for learning!

I have one daughter, Hannah, who is a senior in college! Where 
did the time go? I can remember very clearly when she was just in third 
grade! :) She attended the University of Alabama and is working on a 
degree in public relations and advertising. She decided to transfer to a 
school closer to home and is commuting to Southern CT University where she 
will finish her education. I am so very happy she is back home! When 
Hannah was in elementary school, her favorite subject was reading. She 
used to read everything and anything and still does! Hannah, is the reason 
I went into the teaching field. I taught her to read at a young age as she 
entered kindergarten, and it was then that I knew I wanted to help other 
children and make a career of it. 

One goal which is of high importance to me is for my students to have a 
fun and successful year in third grade! Please feel free to contact me by 
phone (school phone number) or e-mail (msansone@trumbullps.org) if there 
are situations that need to be discussed. I truly welcome and encourage an 
open-line of communication between home and school!The best times to reach 
me at school are from 8:00a.m.- 8:30a.m. and then 3:30 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. I 
am always willing to schedule a conference at any time and for any reason.


You may find the following information helpful in making this a successful 
year for your child:


A successful school experience is the responsibility of the children, the 
parent, and the school. Your child's progress, both academically and 
socially, is influenced to a great extent by daily participation. Regular 
attendance without tardiness is key!


If you plan to pick up your child who typically rides the bus home, or you 
wish for your child to do something different at dismissal time,you must 
send in a written note or contact the main office. Please do not rely on 
your child to tell us this information because students often become 
confused and relay information incorrectly. If no written note or phone 
call is received, your child will be sent home by his/her usual method of 


Please look in your child's backpack/folder daily.We send all school 
"news" by way of your child's HOME/SCHOOL folder and written notes from me 
can be found in the Homework Assignment Pad. These folders and pads will 
come home daily and are to be sent back to school the next day. Please 
send all money and other important things that you would like me to find 
in your child's folder, and all written messages from you to me in the 
Parent section of the Homework Assignment Pad. This keeps everything 
organized and clutter-free. It is much easier to keep notes in one place 
so we will both know where to look daily.


Please remember to look inside your child's HOME folder as I will be 
sending many notices home to you to review from me or from the office 
(Mrs. Norcel). Please try to help your child understand the importance of 
this HOME folder and the purpose it serves. Of course we will be talking 
about it in school, however, the added home reinforcement will help 
greatly! In addition, please remind your child to remove all "old" papers 
daily to show you. This will help keep your child organized and 
responsible, and you will be able to review all work and notices.


Language Arts (reading and writing), Mathematics, Social Studies, 
Science, Art, Music/chorus, Physical Education (P.E.) twice a week, and 
Library for book exchange or special projects.


We do Language Arts, which include reading for meaning in Reader's 
Workshop and using strategies to better understand the texts, writing in 
Writer's Workshop which emphaiszes the PROCESS not the PRODUCT, 
and using oral language to respond to literature in a variety of ways. The 
children do reports too with an emphasis on written AND oral 
expression. I focus quite a bit on the writing process in class. They will 
write and eventually type written pieces so that they will receive 
meaningful experiences using technology and the keyboard.



We use Investigations (a program that uses a hands-on 
approach to exploring math in a very natural sense.) Math will be 
taught daily.


I focus on geography in class by having a new map for discussion weekly 
called Daily Oral Geography. After the children complete the map and the 
questions, we discuss it thoroughly during our Morning Meeting.

Additionally, we have a text book to work from. The children will learn 
about Native Americans and the election process. 



We will have a small snack each day (about 10 minutes). Please provide 
your child with a healthy snack, and a napkin for wiping hands.


Birthdays are wonderful to celebrate in class! Simple non-edible treats 
may be sent to school (or brought in by you) on your child's birthday. 
Sending a birthday non-edible treat such as a pencil or goody-bag, is 
optional. They are appreciated but certainly not expected. If your child's 
birthday falls in June, July or August, when school is not in session, we 
will have a Summer Birthday Celebration Day for these children during the 
last week of the school year. We can discuss this as the time approaches.

Another option is for a parent, guardian or relative to come in as a guest 
reader. The children, especially the birthday student, really enjoys this! 

We are also working on a Birthday Menu of activities the child and whole 
class can participate in in honor of the birthday boy or girl!


I will be more than happy to help your child distribute invitations to the 
children in class, however, my rule is that all classmates must be invited 
in order to send them through "school mail." This rule is to avoid hurt 
feelings and to teach kindness and respect for one another. If you would 
like to invite specific children, please invite them during non-school 
hours. Thank you, in advance for your cooperation.


Homework is daily except on Fridays. We will USUALLY have 1 math and 1 
language arts paper. The homework will reflect the day's lessons. This is 
the case in math; however, not always in language arts- sometimes we 
will have a review of past lessons to keep old knowledge fresh! :)  


Our class rules include:

1. We are kind.

2. We listen carefully

3. We take turns speaking.

4. We use quiet voices.

5. We respect the space of others.

6. We always try our best!

I believe in having high expectations of the children to follow classroom 
rules and to help them understand the reasons behind the rules. I want all 
of the children to have the opportunity to learn and for no student to 
keep another student from being able to learn. I strive to provide a safe 
and comfortable learning environment for the children in which we work and 
live as a community of learners in our classroom.

If a child is continuously having difficulty following classroom rules, I 
will send home the above mentioned report to communicate areas which need 
improvement. If for any reason I feel like a child may benefit from taking 
home a DAILY report, I will contact the parent so that together we can 
discuss our options to get the child back on track with behavior.


* Assisting in special projects

* Chaperoning field trips

* Volunteering for classroom parties

* Sharing your family culture/celebrations, etc. with your child's class

* Reading as a "Mystery Reader" in the classroom

* Helping your child with his/her homework!

* Reading to/with your child daily at home!


I welcome and encourage parent readers whom we call our "Mystery Readers" 
to come to read to the children in our classroom. Parents who volunteer to 
do this will keep it a secret from their child because they will arrive 
while the children are hiding their eyes and they will sit down and read 
only the title of the book they bring. Then the children will begin 
guessing who our Mystery Reader is.

You may pick out a book of your own. You may pick one or two books. We 
usually allow 30 minutes because time is limited. We will do Mystery 
Readers on Fridays at 2:30 and this is a bi weekly event.


You will receive your child's report card THREE times a year- DECEMBER, 
MARCH, and JUNE.  We will also be contacting you to schedule a conference 
for your child in November and April (optional). 

Mission For The Class

My mission for the class is to strive, in partnership with families, to 
meet the educational needs of all students within a challenging, 
supportive, and safe academic environment that empowers each student to 
become a life-long learner. I also strive to make learning fun and 
exciting for all students. I encourage self-expression and student-
centered learning. I also strive to support all children in maximizing 
their abilities and as mentioned before, instill in them, a love of 
learning! I focus on building self-esteem and guiding children to believe 
in themselves so that they feel they are special and smart and that they 
know their ideas, questions and comments are important!

The Classroom Theme for this year is Teamwork! We will learn, play and 
share together as a team. We will also respect all members of our team in 
order to have a winning year! I'm SO EXCITED to start our year!