Parents, welcome to our second grade web site. We hope this helps you with
information about our classes and what is going on here at school. We are
excited to begin a new school year and to meet all of our students and 
their families. 

Please remember: all of our classrooms are nut free, that includes peanuts
as well as all tree nuts including items that might be processed with nuts
nut residue in the preparation. Some children have contact allergies and
there are others with airborne allergies. Please check all snacks.
 The nurse sent home a notice that lists
items that have nuts and some without. Thank you for your support with
this. We want all of our children to stay healthy!!! 
Birthday celebrations in school will be non edible items only. This will
help ensure we are keeping our children safe due to allergies. 
 Please contact your child's teacher with questions about how celebrations  
are handled in her classroom.

Each child should be practicing their basic math facts a minimum of
three times per week. Every Friday the empty envelope should be returned 
to school for a sticker. Each trimester the students take six Mad Minute 
tests with 30 facts to be completed in 2 1/2 minutes. The goal is to get  
27 correct in the time allowed.
 The third trimester the facts are both addition and subtraction with
combinations less than 20. Of course, the children should practice telling
time as well as counting with coins.

Grade 2 Parents: Our Roaring Reader program is an integral part of our
homework in Grade 2. Each child should be reading a minimum of 20 nights
during the month. This can be the child reading alone or sharing part of
the time with the parent. Initials should be recorded on the weekly
calendar and the calendar returned to school per your child's teacher's 
directive. It would probably be best to keep the calendar in their red 
correspondence folder.
We hope this is an activity that you and your child can
enjoy together.

We are using a program called Fundations for teaching phonics, spelling 
and handwriting. We will not be giving weekly traditional spelling tests 
where a child studies a list each week. We will however, be teaching 
skills and reviewing the progress the children make within the classroom. 

We will focus on correct spelling of sight words from first grade and add 
words as we teach them in second grade. We are going to hold the children
responsible to correctly spell these words.
This year we will be giving a unit assessment approximately every two 
We are going to send home a list of words to study for the test.