All second graders have nightly homework in reading.  Each child should 
read with a parent at least 20 minutes a night.  If there is a passage to be 
read as part of the homework, you may count that in the 20 minutes and log as 
such.  All second grade students are using a red folder to keep work.  In 
addition to this, 
please,see your child's assignment book/agenda for nightly work 
There is a place for work in the red folder to be returned to school as well 
as a pocket for papers that are to stay at home.  Please send any notes for 
the teacher in this folder.

Math facts folder:  each child should practice a minimum of three times per 
week and the folder should be returned for a new packet.  We plan to send a 
new packet every week.  If no packet comes home, practice previous sets.
Practicing math facts is essential to helping acquire mastery of skills.  We  
find students who practice are able to complete their work more quickly.

Spelling-Our program is called Fundations and includes spelling as well 
as phonics and handwriting.  Our approach will be to teach the skills in the 
class during the week and we will be giving the children a formal assessment 
approximately every two weeks when we finish a unit.  We are sending lists of 
words to study with your child.  They will be tested on these words in