Supply List

  Second graders should bring the following supplies with them:

      one pair of 5" pointed scissors
      2-12 packs of #2 pencils sharpened
      Hi-Liters-1 of each: yellow, blue, green, pink 
      24 pack of Crayola crayons
      8 pack of Crayola classic washable markers
      1 school box
      2 pink erasers
      crayon/pencil sharpener
      2 Bic red ink pens
      12 count crayola colored pencils
      3- .21 oz. Elmer's glue sticks
      1-1" poly three ring binder
      2 Red ball point pens
      1  One inch Flexible Binder
      1 Small pencil sharpener

    Donations of the following items would be appreciated:
    2 Rolls of paper towels
    2 Boxes of tissues
    2 Large containers of antibacterial wipes

     Your child's teacher will let you know if particular items are needed 
their classroom.