Language Arts

 Students in Grade 3 work to become independent readers, writers, communicators,
listeners, and problem solvers.


In reading, the goal is for each child to become an active reader who engages
with the text to comprehend. Through the Making Meaning program, students
will learn active reading strategies such as predicting, visualizing, wondering,
inferring, determining author's message/theme, summarizing, and understanding
text structure. Teachers model these strategies using carefully selected texts.
Students are also provided opportunities to work together to develop socially
and ethically.

Please read with your child nightly!

Word Work
Third grade students will focus on "sound alike" words (homophones) as well as prefixes, suffixes, and common roots and word bases.


Third graders will write in different genres such as narrative, informative/explanatory, and opinion.

Narrative: tells a story                                  Purpose: to entertain

Informative/Explanatory: explains a topic   Purpose: to inform

Opinion: shares an opinion                           Purpose: to persuade