Third Grade Schedule

Third grade students switch classes for math, writing, and science. Math is taught by Mrs. Zielinski, Writing by Mrs. Johnson, and Science & Social Studies by Ms. Billington. Writing is taught by Mrs. Johnson. Science & Social Studies is taught by Ms. Billington. Reading is taught by the student's homeroom teacher.
8:35 - 9:00Morning WorkMorning WorkMorning WorkMorning WorkMorning Work
9:00-10:00First SwitchFirst SwitchFirst SwitchFirst SwitchFirst Switch
10:00-12:10 See schedule belowReading/SpecialsReading/SpecialsReading/SpecialsReading/SpecialsReading/Specials
12:10-1:05Lunch & RecessLunch & RecessLunch & RecessLunch & RecessLunch & Recess
1:05-2:05Second SwitchSecond SwitchSecond SwitchSecond SwitchSecond Switch
2:05-3:00Homeroom SwitchHomeroom SwitchHomeroom switchHomeroom SwitchHomeroom Switch
Room 20 JohnsonGym 10:35-11:05Music 10:35-11:05Art 10:20-11:05Gym 10:35-11:05Music 10:35-11:05
Room 18 BillingtonMusic 10:35-11:05Art 10:20-11:05 Gym 10:35-11:05Music 11:10-11:40Gym 11:10-11:40
Room 22 ZielinskiArt 10:20-11:05Gym 10:35-11:05Music 10:35-11:00Music 10:35-11:05Gym 10:35-11:05