Google Chrome & Google Classroom

Getting on a google classroom site:
1.	Have your student log in to his/her school google chrome account 
2.	His/her password is the color & number combination that he/she 
3.	Go to google chrome. 
4.	If there is a colorful array of nine tiny squares in the upper 
corner, click it, and find the green icon for the google classroom app.  
not, click the array of nine tiny gray squares near the upper RIGHT corner 
and go to Google Drive, a triangle. Then, click the gray array again and 
scroll all the way down to the bottom of that window to find the green 
for the google classroom app. 
5.	Once your student is in the app, choose the classroom needed for 
work or review! 

Quizlet site to practice science vocabulary. 

Practice basic math facts.

Get more points from Ms. B when you add time to your Raz-kids reading! 
RAZ-KIDS or A to Z Kids

Great diagram explaining the rock cycle! Click on anything to find out 

Click on the moving parts to see animated illustrations of each step of 
Rock Cycle!

Rocks and Minerals: Another Rock Cycle

How the three types of rocks are formed.  Lots of information to go along 
the animations.

Animated Rock Cycle

Rock Cycle Rap

Another silly song about the Rock Cycle!

Another kitchen inspired Rock Cycle.  Simple, but effective!

Visit the Library Links page of the JRS school website to access BrainPop 
videos and activities without needing to use the password!