Welcome to the Grade 6Team 2 website. 
Please check this website for information regarding homework and upcoming tests,
quizzes and projects.  

Dates to Remember:
     9/11-School Photo Day

        9/11-The following forms are due back to your homeroom teacher: 
  • Internet User Form (p. 27 in agenda pad)
  • School Handbook Policies/Procedures Form (p. 29 in agenda pad)
  • Team Letter ($4 party donation)

       9/17- Back to School Night

  Madison Mentors is the place to be on a Thursday afternoon.  Why??
An eighth grade mentor can assist you with:

·        Study skills and homework
·        Organization (binder and locker clean-out)   

 Your Teachers:
Language Arts:       Ms. Allison Roche
Mathematics:         Mrs. Liz Giamportone
Reading:                 Mr. John Congdon
Science:                 Mrs. Jane Hock
Social Studies:       Mr. Robert Reda
Special Education:  Mrs. Christine Fisher