Mrs. Cerulli - Research Links

Link to the "Reconstruction Internet Scavenger Hunt"
Reconstruction Internet Scavenger Hunt

50 States Game.  Can you place our 50 states on a map of the U.S.?

Social Studies games

International Pizza Delivery.  Practice your Latitude and Longitude 

PBS - War of 1812 site.  You can watch the film, and there are other 
links with information and activities.  This is the site that we're 
using in class as part of the War of 1812 APBA.

Sing the Preamble!  Watch the Schoolhouse Rock video.

SEARCH ENGINE - is a "trustworthy, kid safe, and free 
search engine.

QUIZLET is a free site. Make flashcards, play games, etc...

Inaugural Address and portraits/photgraphs of all U.S. Presidents.

National Geographic for kids

Constitution Day Website - download the video!

Veterans Day

Arlington National Cemetery

Memorial Day website from

Flag Day, June 14th.  Information and activities.

Geography and Landforms

CT General Assembly website.  (CT's "Congress")

Trumbull's Municipal Code (Trumbull's town laws).

American Inventions of the 1800s WebQuest

Road to the Civil War WebQuest

Battle of Gettysburg WebQuest

Veterans Day WebQuest

Track bills as they move through Congress.

Information about our 50 states.

National Geographic - Interactive Site about the Underground RR.

Interactive Underground Railroad Site on

The Story of the Amistad page about the Amistad. Info., videos, and images.

"My Birthday in History."  Start Here!!!

"My Birthday in History." - Use this site for question 4.

"My Birthday in History" activity. Has births, deaths, and events.

Encyclopedia Britannica.  Mrs. Cerulli will give you our school's 

username and password.

Link to the CBAS website.  Students can create an account.  

From the site:  "Want immediate evaluation of a writing sample? 
Based on over 40 years of research, the celebrated PEG scoring 
software used in CBAS Write provides instant scoring that shows 
the skill level of each writing sample."

"Dozens of grade-appropriate animated tutorials entertain as they 
teach writing skills. Aligned to the writing categories, 
activities are designed to improve voice, support, sentence 
fluency, word choice, and conventions."

Link to Junior Scholastic - students can access digital issues of 
the magazine that we use in class.
I've provided the students with a password.