Welcome back! We are in our 21st year of Japanese at Maloney 
Interdistrict Magnet School.  We are very much enjoying working 
with the students.

There are so many changes this year. We welcomed two new teachers: Nicole 
Johnson and Haruka Nitani. Nicole-Sensei has just come back from Japan after 
two years of teaching English at a Junior High School as a JET participant. 
Haruka-Sensei is a J-LEAP assistant who will stay with us for a year. 
For Kazumi-Sensei, this is her 13th year at Maloney. 

Both Kazumi-Sensei and Nicole-Sensei will teach from Pre-K to fifth grade 
this year. We will teach 2 classes per grade due to a schedule change. The 
class will be 25 minutes, three times in a week. Kindergarten classes start 
Japanese in October and Pre-Ks start in February. 

As you know, we have another website which will allow students to do even 
more practice at home. Please go to: 
www.maloneyjapanese.wikispaces.com and check it out! As always, we have lots 
of exciting links on our "Links for Students" from this websites as well.

Look for progress reports in late February (1st grade to 5th grade) and June 
(Kindergarten to 5th grade)and homework in Japanese class. 

Please email us by clicking on the mailbox at the top of the homepage if you 
have any questions.