TEACHERS: Kazumi Yamashita-Iverson, Nicole Johnson, Haruka Nitani

SCHOOL: Maloney Interdistrict Magnet School

CLASS: Japanese Language and Culture preK-5

SCHOOL PHONE: 203-574-8162

Kazumi Yamashita-Iverson
Nicole Johnson 
Chieko Yamada J-LEAP Assistant teacher

See below for messages from the teachers:

From Kazumi-sensei:
Konnichiwa! I have been at Maloney as a full time Japanese teacher since 
August 2001. I was JALEX assistant for Jessica-sensei in 1997-1998. That 
how I got to know this program for the first time. 
I was an exchange student for one year in Michigan when I was in high 
school. That is how I learned speaking English! 
I try my best to create my classroom comfortable and welcoming environment 
so that every students can enjoy learning Japanese! 

From Nicole-sensei 
My name is Nicole Johnson. 
I’m so excited to share Japanese with Pre-K through 5th grade Maloney 
students this year!

I like reading books like Harry Potter. I have a dog named Kramer. My 
favorite holiday is Halloween!
Let’s have a fun time learning Japanese and getting to know each other!

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

From Haruka-sensei:

I’m Haruka Nitani. I am happy to be at Maloney this year. I am from Nara 
prefecture which is known as the ancient capital  of Japan. 

My favorite animal is cats,  my favorite fruit is watermelon and my 
favorite color is purple!

I like to go to the park, read, sing, cook and watch movies. I  played 
Kendo from age 10 to 17. I plan to start playing Kendo again in CT this 
year! I’m very excited. 

If you see me somewhere, please say “Konnichiwa”, ”Ohayo gozaimasu” or 
“Hello” to me.  I’m looking forward to talking with you alot!