Mauro Sheridan Interdistrict Magnet School

Mauro-Sheridan Interdistrict Magnet School for Science, Technology and Communications
191 Fountain Street New Haven, CT 06515
203-691-2800 FAX 203-946-7018


PTO/Family Resource Center

Welcome to the Mauro-Sheridan Interdistrict Magnet School PTO page. This is also the place to find information about the Family Resource Center.

How do I join the PTO or sub-committees? Please provide your name and contact information (phone number and/ or email) to our family educator, Jene Flores at 203-691-2813 or email or visit the Family Resource room 142.

Where and when are meetings held? PTO meetings are held in the Cafeteria or the Gym at 5:30 pm and Parent Chats are held in the Family Resource Room 142 at 9:45 am. Please see page, Newsletters, Flyers Forms etc. on the MASH website for on-going PTO/Family Resource Center information.

PTO By Laws

Our mission is to foster a sense of support, pride and enthusiasm among the students, teachers, staff, parents and community. We also provide fund-raising and family activities to benefit our school.  We foster positive home/school and community relationships to enhance our students’ education.

Our officers consist of Co-Presidents, two Secretaries, and two Treasurers. 

All officers will serve a two year term and may be re-elected. The membership of the PTO shall be open to all parents, guardians, teachers, staff, of the Mauro-Sheridan Interdistrict Magnet School who subscribe to the objectives and policies of the PTO.

Membership in the PTO is open to anyone without regards to race, color, religion, or national origin.

Meetings: Meetings shall be held monthly unless voted otherwise. The most convenient times and days for meetings are determined by the parent survey distributed at the beginning of the year.

Executive Board: Executive Board meetings shall be held twice a month. The President may call an emergency session if necessary.

Vacancies: If for any reason an executive member is unable to continue their duties, the assistant will assume the duties until the executive board votes to fill any of the vacant positions. 

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