Mauro Sheridan Interdistrict Magnet School

Mauro-Sheridan Interdistrict Magnet School for Science, Technology and Communications
191 Fountain Street New Haven, CT 06515
203-691-2800 FAX 203-946-7018


PowerSchool for Parents

PowerSchool Portal for Parents and
District Code:  FKBS

Please visit the NHPS website for a description of the
PowerSchool Portal for parents and guardians

Before you can sign into the PowerSchool Parent Portal,
you will need an access code and password from your school.  Be sure to save this information before logging in to the site - if you forget the code and password, it will need to be reset from downtown!

If you do not have this information for your MASH student, or have questions, please contact our family educator
Ms. Flores at 203-691-2888

 PLEASE NOTE: Until you create your new account
the login screen below will not work.

 Log in Page for Parents

Power School for Mobile Devices


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