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School Based Health Clinic and School Nurse


School Based Health Clinic and School Nurse

The School Based Health Center (SBHC) offers health care for all students while they are in school. Services include school and sports physicals, immunizations, treatment of minor illness, management of chronic illness such as asthma and diabetes, laboratory testing and medical, mental health and health education. 
                          We do not take the place of your primary care physician, but will make every effort to work in conjunction with him/her to keep Mauro-Sheridan students healthy and well in school.

Mauro-Sheridan's SBHC is affiliated with Yale/New Haven Hospital
and is a satellite of Yale/New Haven Hospital.

PERMISSION FORMS: Every child who wants to be a member of the health center needs a SBHC permission slip (in Spanish) signed by his/her parent or guardian. This should be returned directly to the health center. In addition the parent/guardian should complete and then keep the privacy form (in Spanish). During the school day a student must also have a pass to come to the health center.


The school based health center (SBHC) is directly across from the cafeteria and next to the main office. Open daily from 8:30 - 3:30 pm. Monday - Friday.


Nurse practictioner - Lynn Peckham (APRN) - 691-2817
Clinical social worker - Betsy Kunz - 691-2820
Pediatrician - Dr. Brian Forsyth (oversees operations off site)
Office manager - Liz Vargas 691-2815 (Spanish speaking)

SCHOOL NURSE:< Maria DiMonaco 691-2816 (fax 691-2814)
NURSE HOURS: M thru Friday


What's the difference between the School Nurse
and the
School Based Health Center(SBHC)?

The two have different roles. The school nurse oversees the school health records for all students, administers daily medications, conducts mandated screenings, assess and provides limited care to children on a walk-in basis, and triages students to other providers when needed. The school nurse can see any child who is sick or injured during the school day. She often refers students who need further evaluation, medication or special treatment to the SBHC. The nurse practitioner in the SBHC provides primary and acute medical care such as physicals, immunizations, treatment of common illness and health problems. The SBHC also provides laboratory services such as throat and urine cultures, blood tests for anemia, and STD screenings.

Why should I sign my child up with the health center?

Sometimes parents are reluctant to sign their child up at the health center because
they have their own private pediatrician. The SBHC is not trying to disrupt your health care but rather work with your pediatrician for the benefit of your child. Our school nurse coverage for Mauro-Sheridan is only three days a week. For example, your child was ill with a sore throat and went to the school nurse. She would take your child's temperature and if necessary send your child to the health center. The nurse practitioner would assess and diagnose your child, do a throat culture and call the parent with the results. The nurse practitioner would also speak with your private physician to inform them as well at the parents' request.

Who uses the services of the health center?
1. Students who need an evaluation for a minor illness. such as a sore throat, cold, ear ache.
2. Students who have a need for health education and guidance around a chronic health problem such as diabetes or asthma.
3. Students who need immediate care or are injured at school.
4. Students who have a primary care provider but would benefit by the convenient access to our service.
5. Students new to the area who are in need of interim health care while a primary care provided is being secured.
6. Students who seek a safe and confidential place to talk about any concern that affects their physical or mental health.
7. Students who would benefit from having a professional individual, family or group mental health contact.

What does the School Based clinical social worker do?
The social worker provides individual and family counseling. Group counseling focuses on behavioral issues, self-esteem, bereavement, anger management, violence prevention, etc. The social worker is also an integral part of the crisis team. All students and families are seen in a confidential manner. The social worker assists teachers with support, classroom strategies and psychosocial education.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Do I need a physical every year?
The state of Connecticut requires a physical for every student entering kindergarten, sixth grade and eleventh grade. All 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds need a physical and current immunization to enter school. Incoming sith graders need a current physical completed some time during the year they are entering sixth grade and have until Dec. 31 to get it to the school nurse . Any child entering from a city/town other than New Haven also needs a new entry physical. If the nurse has not received a copy of the physical, the child may be excluded from school. School Health Record Form     Emergency Medical Form in English and Spanish

2. When do I need my shots?
According to the state of Connecticut, students need to be up-to-date with their immunizations before entering school. The school nurse keeps records of all immunizations. If a child is in need of immunizations, the school nurse with notify the parents. Mauro-Sheridan students can receive their immunizations at school from the school-based health clinic. For information about vaccines please contact      Flu Shot Form

3. What do I do if my child needs medications at school?
A special form called "Authorization for Medications in School" must be completed by the parent and physician. This form must be returned to the school nurse along with the medication.

The Mauro/Sheridan School Based Health Center is a partnership with
the Department of Public Health,
the New Haven Board of Education and Yale New Haven Hospital.

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