Per 6 and 8 HW (Course 2)


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Mon September 29 - 1.5 Dividing Integers
     *pg 32 #8-25 all
     *Come in tomorrow to work on fractions for the next skills check

Fractions Morning Help Day
Tue September 30 - Integer PEMDAS Problems 
      *Come in tomorrow to work on decimals for the next skills check
      *Finish #1-17 on review sheet Chapter 1 (blue)

Decimals Morning Help Day
Wed October 1 - Review Chapter 1
      *Finish study guide (blue) and CORRECT wrong answers
      *Correct your quiz and get it signed

Thu October 2 -  Chapter 1 Test

3rd Try at Skills Check
Fri October 3 - 2.1 Rational Numbers


Mon September 22 - 1.4 Multiplying Integers
      *pg 26 #8-23
      *Happy Birthday Perrin and Emma and "Joen"!

Tue September 23 - Finish 1.4, Review 1.1 to 1.4
      *Complete the "self-graded" quiz. I'll show you how to get there.

Wed September 24- Review 1.1 to 1.4
     *Study for Friday's quiz
1.1 Integers
- Definition of integer, absolute value, ordering and comparing
1.2 Adding Integers
- Same sign: Add them together, keep the sign
- Different sign: Subtract them, keep the sign of the number that's farther
from zero
1.3 Subtracting Integers
- Use KCC when subtracting and there is a negative
1.4 Multiplying Integers

Thu September 25- Rosh Hashanah (No School)

Fri September 26 - 1.1 to 1.4 Quiz
     *Do skills check corrections and fill out a checklist for yourself of the topics you still need to work on. Staple your papers in this order: 
   1. Skills checklist in the top left corner
   2. Corrections to your skills check
   3. Skills check with your score on it
     *You will get some practice worksheets, websites, and days to come in and work with Mr. Conrad and Mrs. Ascone on Monday!


Mon September 15 - Benchmark #1

Tue September 16 - Long Island Sound (No class)

Wed September 17 - Benchmark #2/ Review Adding Integers/ Start Subtracting Integer
     *Big Ideas book pg 12 #34-39 (show all work) 
     *Create 4 story problems for subtracting integers

Thu September 18 - Subtracting Integers 
      *pg 18 #16-19, 27-29, 33-39

Fri September 19 - Graded Assignment on Adding/Subtracting Integers
     *No homework


Mon September 8 - Correct Skills Check

Tue September 9 - 1.1 Integers
     *pg 6 #5-35 odd

Wed September 10 - 1.2 Adding Integers
     *pg 12 #8-16 all
     *Practice for Friday! Use "Skills Review Handbook" topics 5-9
             (you can check your answers, they are all right there!)

Thu September 11 - 1.2 Adding Integers
     *pg 12 #17-26 all, 34, 35 (Check odds)

Fri September 12- 2nd try at skills check
     *No homework


Mon September 1 - No School

Tue September 2 - Decimal Operations
     *Adding decimals 
     *Subtracting decimals
     *Multiplying decimals
     *Dividing decimals
     *Multiplying and Dividing by powers of 10 

Wed September 3 - Review Fraction and Decimal Operations
      *Finish the blue sheet from class on dividing and multiplying decimals
      *Remember, skills check 1 is on Friday! You can do extra practice using this link, pages 53 to 105.

Thu September 4 - Review Fraction and Decimal Operations
     *Remember, skills check 1 is on Friday! You can do extra practice using this link, pages 53 to 105.
      *If you do more than 10 problems, show the work, and check your answers, you earn a FREE HOMEWORK NIGHT!

Fri September 5 -  Skills Check 1


Monday August 26: Welcome to 7th grade!
     *Get your supplies - try to have them in by Tuesday of next week

Tuesday August 27: Fraction Review - Adding and Subtracting
     *Blue packet #10-15

Wednesday August 28: Fraction Review - Multiplying and Dividing
     *Blue packet #16-21

Thursday August 29: Logging into big ideas and exploring the site - Dividing Fractions
     *Don't forget to bring in your two items for homeroom!
     *Wear sneakers
     *Wear blue
     *Bring water
     *You will still have specials!

Friday August 30: Team Day