Plan out your adventure to Africa using this site.
Survivor Africa

Sheppard Software

NY Times Inauguration Info and pics

Inaugural Balls

Worship Service

Artifact Link --- this web page has a list of links that were 
placed on your 
project directions.  This should help you in your initial 
research process.

5 Themes Geography Quiz...Great resource!  I made it!

How checkpoints work in Israel.

CIA Fact Book

This is a great site for general country information.

North Africa and Middle East map quiz.  Great tool to help you 

Israeli and Palestinian Conflict -- BBC News and Events Page

AWESOME Site with various points of view and timelines of the 

SE Asia Map

Map of Asia



Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Example of Photo Story 3 Culture Project
Photo Story 3 - Culture Example

Photo Story 3 directions for basic use.
Demo and Directions for Photo Story 3

Photo Story - Microsoft - Download Page

1st link on Cave Art page.

5 Pillars

Israeli Wall...

Africa Research Project

Early Man Link