Core Elements of Strong Memoir Writing
(Remember to use these elements to guide 
both your reading analysis work and your writing!)

1) The Catalyst - What is the trigger that gets your story started?

(i.e. person, place, object, conversation, action, creature Sentence Starter: "It all started when...")

2) Central Moment/Event - What is the key moment that your entire memory grows from?

NOTE: You can have other moments, but one should be more important than the rest. (Flashbacks)

3) Conflict - What's the main problem(s) in your story?

NOTE: Even happy memories should have some sort of conflict.

4) Inner Thinking - How do you react to the events in the story?

For every two paragraphs of sensory description, you need a paragraph of inner thinking.

5) The Climax - What is the turning point in your story?

- Include sensory details.

- Slow down the action so the reader can experience every detail.

- Include your thoughts in that moment.

6) Your Epiphany - What did you learn from this memory?

- Was it deep? Life altering?

- Was it common sense, but the memory simply made it more clear?

- Did it change the way you feel about yourself or someone else?

- Did it change the way you live your life?

When you think of "English", what words come to your mind?