UPDATE (11/23/2015):

DOUBLE-ENTRY JOURNAL GUIDELINES: As you work together today to put together your double-entry journal, make sure to include quotes about the following elements:

Character Reaction - Focus on how your protagonist or other characters are reacting to the events of the time period. Make sure to note the historical significance of the event and what it reveals about the character.
Setting - Do NOT simply record quotes that give dates or names of places. Focus on the description of the setting or how characters are influenced by the setting.
Tone - Pull quotes that show emotion and/or create an emotional response in you as a reader. Identify and explain the emotion demonstrated in the quote.
Conflicts - How are the conflicts in the story developing? Identify quotes that highlight a key internal or external conflict for your protagonist, and explain the conflict's significance.
Historical Connections - Identify key quotes that highlight a key historical event or how a historical figure might influence the fictional characters in the novel.
Protagonist's Perspective - Focus on quotes that show your protagonist's perspective towards the historical aspects of the novel. (i.e. how they feel about each army, how they feel towards a particular historical figure, how they feel about a particular battle or other historical event)