Interview with Ishmael Beah, Former Child Soldier!

Click on the following link and watch the entire interview!
Record information that could be used to label child soldiers as victims. Make sure to copy quotes accurately!

Position Paper #1 Rubric!

Please cut and paste this rubric to the end of your essay!


10 points

9-8 points

7-6 points

5 or fewer points


Elements of Position Paper

I laid out a clear argument about my
topic. I support it with clear reasons identified using topic sentences. My essay is organized in paragraphs, using an order that makes sense. My introduction is inviting and my conclusion is thoughtful.

I make an argument, but some element  may be confusing. I have supporting reasons, but may be missing one or two topic sentences. My essay is in paragraphs, but the order
may not be clear. My introduction and conclusion are included.

My argument is confusing or unclear.
Supporting reasons are confusing or missing. I have paragraphs, but the
grouping of information does not make sense. My introduction and conclusion
are very basic and/or missing key information.

My argument is not clear or missing. I
have few if any supporting reasons. Paragraphs do not make sense or are
non-existent. I have no real introduction and/or conclusion.

Elaboration – Logic and Reasoning

I analyzed the relevance of the reasons
& evidence and helped the reader understand what each position was
I have no logical fallacies anywhere in
my essay.

I start to analyze the relevance of the
reasons and evidence, but I might not clearly show the reader what each side  is saying. I may have one or two logical fallacies, but they are minor.

I have some reasons and evidence, but  they are unclear or confusing. My paper only focuses on one side. I have one
or more logical fallacies that adversely affects my argument.

My reasoning is unclear or missing. I
have little to no evidence. Each part of my essay is built primarily on
logical fallacies that are easily disproven.

Elaboration – Sources & Balance

I incorporated  trustworthy and significant sources and explained if and when a source is problematic. There  is a balance between my use of fact and/or textual evidence and my own thinking/ analysis.

I incorporate factual information, but one
or two sources are in question. It is not clear if there are potential
problems with the facts that might influence my reader. The balance in my paragraphs is relatively good with only one or two questions.

I incorporate facts, but there are few sources included. The accuracy of my facts is also in question. The balance of my paragraphs leans consistently to more facts or analysis.

I incorporate little if any fact. There
are no sources to speak of or the sources included are questionable and
unreliable. I have no real balance between fact and thinking.

Personal Writing Goal <Write your
personal essay goal here! Make sure it is descriptive!>

The student is very successful in
meeting this goal.

The student is moderately successful.

It appears that the student put in some
work to meet this goal, but there is still work to be done.

There does not appear to be any work
was done to achieve this goal.


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