Biography Research

NAME RESEARCHING LINK #1 - - This website contains the 
origins and simple definitions for over 24,000 names.

NAME RESEARCHING LINK #2 - - Search through thousands of names 
for meaning and origin. Also check to see if your name made the Top 100 most 
popular names for boys and girls!

NAME RESEARCHING LINK #3 - - Search for definitions, 
stories surrounding key figures that share your name, and statistics on the 
number of people with your name.

NAME RESEARCHING LINK #4 - - Provides the etymology and 
history to various first names.

NAME RESEARCHING LINK #5 - Sweetest Sound Popularity Index - Find out how 
popular your last name is 
compared to some 50,000 last names used in the United States! Provided by

NAME RESEARCHING LINK #6 -'s Last Name Glossary - A limited 
glossary of last names.

NAME RESEARCHING LINK #7 - - This site has many more 
last names with origins and definitions.

NAME RESEARCHING LINK #8 - - The International Surname Data 
Base is a fantastic resource to gain information on your last name! - Click on their "Born on this Day" link to find out what 
celebrities, political and religious leaders, and many others were born on 
your birthday.

Any Day in History - Very comprehensive database of events that took place 
on any day in history. Includes individual birthdays!

This Day in History - The History Channel's page that allows you to find 
information about all sorts of events that happened on today's date, your 
birthday, or any day of the year! - It will tell you everything that happened the year you were 
born. Type in the year you were born in the search bar and click on the 
first link.