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YEAR 2011-2012. The assignments start where it says TAREA.
Look for today's fecha (date). Your assignment will be due the next
time you have Spanish unless otherwise noted.


Tarea= homework    vocabulario nuevo: new vocabulary
Crucigrama= crossword   el buscapalabras=the wordsearch
Trae(o Traigan)= Bring    Escribe= Write
Completa = complete    Termina = Finish   Papel = Paper
Estudia - Study   Lee= Read   (Leer = to read)    Escoger = to choose
Escribe: Write Práctica = Practice las líneas=the lines
(el)apartado or la hoja= the worksheet
Palabra(s)= word(s)  Buscapalabras: Wordsearch
Prueba = Quiz   Hoy = Today    Mañana = tomorrow
Hay una prueba = There is a quiz listo = ready
después = after las vacaciones = vacation  Aprende=learn
Memoriza = Memorize    fin de semana = weekend
todo el poema = the whole poem
traduce = translate   sin= without    estrellas = stars
Traigan/Trae = Bring   las tarjetas = the(index)cards
el papel=the paper    dos lados= 2 sides
también = also    listo = ready
reloj = clock

Colores: Amarillo = Yellow Rosado = Pink Blanco = White
Verde = Green Azul = Blue Anaranjado = Orange Gris = Gray
Dorado = Golden

el 4 de junio
Turn in any worksheets that you have completed in class during the "examen 
final."  These will count toward your participation grade.

el 29-30 de mayo
Keep preparing for your final.  Be sure you can say several sentences in the 
categories that you have prepared. You should prepare between 2 - 4 
categories.  NOTE: Students who have not prepared any categories have not 
been doing as well on the final, so it is no longer an optional not to 
prepare any categories. As of now, you MUST PREPARE AT LEAST 2 
CATEGORIES!!!!! If you have taken your final, NO HAY TAREA !!!

el 24 de mayo
FINAL ASSESSMENT IN SPANISH NEXT WEEK!  STUDY!!!!!   Prepare using the pink 
category sheet and the gray question sheet tha we have been practicing with 
GO ON THURS. MAY 31.  (However, Period 8 will go on Tues., Mya 29, and Thurs. 
May 31 since you do not meet on Wed.)

el 22 -23 de mayo
Continue to prepare for your final assessment.  It is scheduled to take place 
on Wed. and Thurs May 30-31.  (It is also scheduled for Fri., but we do not 
have class that day.) Per. 8, you will have your assessment on Tues. and 
Thurs. of next week since you don't meet on Wed.)
To prepare, study the gray question sheet that we have been using in class 
and the pink category sheet. STUDY FROM THESE 2 SHEETS TONIGHT !!!!  DO NOT 

el 21 de mayo
Answer the questions on the gray question sheet (Examen Final) given out in 
class today. Use pencil and not pen so that you can make corrections.  ANSWER 
THE QUESTIONS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE SHEET. Start to prepare your categories  
if you have chosen to present categories in addition to answering 

el 17 de mayo
Look over the question sheets and any worksheets that we have been working on 
in class.  Make sure you understand any corrections that have been made. Make 
sure you understand the questions on the gray question sheets if your class 
received this paper.
Complete the blue "Cuándo sheet" if you have not yet completed it.

el 16 de mayo:
Per. 1
Green question packet - Write the questions in English, and also write the 
answers en español.
Per.2 & per. 4 Completa el papel azul con "Cuándo.
Per. 7
Complete the first 2 pages of the green question packet.  Write the questions 
in English, and the answers en español.

el 15 de mayo -Per. 8
Complete the worksheet about LA ROPA & colors. Do numbers 1-6.  FOr extra 
credit complete the whole sheet.

Complete the "Cuándo" worksheet.  (Es azul.)

el 14 de mayo
Period 1
Fully complete the 3 page pink packet of questions given to you last Thurs.  
(Add extra questions to show you understand any errors you made.) 

el 10 de mayo 
Note: Your homework will vary per period.  This is due to various field trips 
etc.  Check your period carefully.

Per. 1: Pink package of 3 papeles.  Write as many questions as you can for 
each question word except #9

Per. 2: Fix the cream paper with questions if you did not turn it in.
Translate the questions in the green package into English, then answer them 
in Spanish.

Per. 4
Answer the questions on the cream paper en español.
Translate the questions in the green package into English, then answer them 
in Spanish

Per. 7
Answer the questions on the cream paper en español.Write as many questions as 
you can for each question word on the pink question sheet given out in class. 
Also write what each of those question words means in English.

Per. 8
Finish the Ropa papel azul if not already turned in.
Answer the questions on the cream paper en español.

el 9 de mayo
Per. 1 y 2 : Papel crema y papel violeta
Per. 4 y 7: papeles crema, violeta, y azul

el 8 de mayo
Per. 8 only: Papel azul con "la Ropa."  We started this in class.

el 7 de mayo
Periods 1,2,4,7 ; Complete the papel azul with "La ropa."
Period 8 : Complete the buscapalabras "El zoológico." (You missed a day last 
week and will complete the papel azul "en la clase.")

EL 2- 3 DE MAYO  (per. 1 -7 only)(Per. 8 see below)
Practice for time quiz Thurs. (el 3 de mayo)
Yellow buscapalabras is due MON.!

el 1 de mayo = PERIOD 8 ONLY:
Completa los 3 papeles rosados. (Pink packet with question words)
Write from 1 to 5 questions under each question word.  Write what the 
questions mean in English as well.  Challenge yourself to write as many as 
you possibly can.  The packet will be collected and your effort will be 
considered as part of your participation grade. (For #9 just write this one 
question: ¿Cuánta cuesta? How much does it cost?)
There is a golden buscapalabras for extra credit as well.

el 30 de abril
Study for your quiz on telling time, "¿Qué hora es? 
The quiz days are:Per. 8 = Tues., el 1 de mayo.
                       Other periods: Thurs., unless you have a field trip    
that day.  If so, then your quiz will be Wed.

el 26 de abril
Completa 2 papeles 1) rosado (maleta...Voy a Killington)
                   2) violeta - writing time (small clocs on left side)

Next week: Prueba (Quiz)on telling time.

el 24-25 de abril
Complete the papel anaranjado about time given out in class.
Label the clothing pictures on the sheet given out in class in Spanish.

el 23 de abril
Be ready to answer a question using "Adonde vas...." if you have not already 
done so.  Your answer will be graded.
There will be a quiz on TIME on Thurs., el 3 de mayo.

el 12 de abril

el 10-11 de abril
On jueves,el 12 de abril, be "listo" to answer one question Sra. OT will ask 
you using "Adónde vas cuando..."  You must answer in a full sentence.  You 
will be able to look at your map when you answer the question. 
Over the vacaciones, "¡¡¡NO HAY TAREA!!!"   ¡Buenas vacaciones!

el 4 de abril (Periods 1-7 only)
Completa el papel "¿Qué Hora Es?" (It is either violeta or cream colred) if 
you have not already handed it in to Sra. OT

el 3 de abril (Per. 8 only)
¡No hay tarea!


el 2 de abril
Papel crema - "¿Adónde vas....? - Given out in class 4/2
Artist's color palette paper from Thurs. if not already turned in.


el 27 y el 29 de marzo
Papel violeta: ¿Qué Hora Es?  This is due lunes, el 2 de abril.

el 26 de marzo
Completa el papel rosado.

el 22 de marzo
Completa el papel crema "Que hora es?"

el 21 de marzo

el 19 de marzo - el 21 de marzo
Study for the quiz on "Expresiones."  This wil1 take place jueves, el 22 de 

el 15 de marzo
Complete the back of the "papel with the "reloj" given out en clases hoy.

el 13 y el 14 de marzo
Papel crema; "¿Quién es?" given out in class
Quiz on "Expresiones" jueves el 22 de marzo

el 12 de marzo
Practice the new town vocabulary on the big town "mapa" passed out in class.

Also, there will be a quiz on "Expresiones en español" on jueves, el 22 de 

el 8 de marzo
Be ready to give your family presentation if not already done.
Your árbol de la familia was due jueves el 7 de marzo.  Bring it next time 
you have class if you were absent.

el 5 - 7 de marzo
"Arbol de la familia" project due jueves el 8 de marzo (Thurs.)
Also, we will be doing the oral family stories all week.  Practice with 
the "papel turquesa." Make sure you know what each question is asking and 
memorize the answer to that question. This way you will be able to answer the 
questions out of order.

el 1 de marzo
Memorize the information that is in your family story. (This information 
should be saved on your computadora if you turned the story back in to Sra.)
A friend will be asking you questions about your familia on lunes.  
Arbol de la Familia - This is due on jueves, but can be turned in as early as 
lunes (Mon.)

el 28-29 de febrero
Re-submit a neat,typed, corrected copy of your family story to improve your 
grade (if applicable.) 

el 27 de febrero
Practiquen las expresiones ...The ones we did in class today.  (Papel rosado 
o amarillo)
el 16 de febrero
(Happy vacation! -  No homework!)

el 14-15 de febrero
Bring back your final copy of your story: "Mi Familia."It is due jueves, el 
16 de febrero. Do not leave to do over the vacation!  Bring it on time.  (You 
will also be marked down if it is late.)  Also, attach the rough draft to 
your new story.

el 13 de febrero

el 9 de febrero
It must be neat,and spaced exactly as on the rough draft.  It must also 
include all the words that are on the rough draft (this is the paper that you 
have been working on in class.) Use black ink, or dark blue.   Make sure 
feminine adjectives end in "a," not "o," and that masculine ones end in "o,", 
not "a."(Of course, if they end in another letter such as "e" or "l", that is 
fine for both masculin and feminine.) Make sure you have 18 different 
adjectives (no repeats!) Do not use feelings, like feliz, but traits such as 
bonita,grande,inteligente,simpática, and alto. SAVE THIS ON YOUR 
COMPUTER !!!!!(You may be asked to re-submit your story!) 
NOTE:THIS WILL BE GRADED !!!  Also, you will be marked down if late...
If you received a buscapalabras and sheet of classroom vocabulary after the 
prueba, these are due miércoles, not lunes. Concentrate on your MI FAMILIA 
story over the fin de semana (weekend)unless you want to get a head start on 
next week.

el 6-8 de febrero
Estudien para la prueba, jueves el 9 de febrero, sobre LA FAMILIA, p.12 del 
manual.  You will need to be able to write the words in Spanish. 
For example: If you see:  "the sister"  you will write "la hermana."
Also, you must be able questions with "Tienes"  (Do you have) and "Cuantos" 
(How many) as we practiced in class.

el 2 de febrero
Start to study for a pruebita (small quiz) on la familia, 
This will take place on jueves, el 9 de febrero.
On p. 12 of manual, you will need to know the top 10 lines,in other words 
from "la madre and el padre" down to "la abuelita y el abuelito" and 
everything inbetween.  You will also need to know "la nieta and el nieto" 
which are on the bottom line, and 3 word that we are adding: el perro(the 
dog),el gato(the cat,)and la mascota(the pet.) 

el 31 de enero PER. 8 ONLY Memoriza todo el pledge para jueves.

el 30 de enero
Per. 1,2,4,7: The whole Pledge (5 lines) must be memorized for Wed.
Per. 8: Memorize 4 lines (or more)of the Pledge for Tues.

el 25-26 de enero
Per. 1,2,4,7: Memoriza 2 o 3 l�neas del pledge para jueves.
Memoriza 4 l�neas O TODO para LUNES.

Per. 8 : Memoriza 2-3 l�neas del pledge para lunes.

el 24 de enero
Per. 8: Correct your papel amarillo con animales y adjetivos. You will need
to turn this back in to Sra. OT. Note: Do not change the word "el" or "la"
that is in front of the animal word. If the paper says "La tortuga" you
cannot change this to "El tortuga" even if the turtle is a boy turtle! Keep
it as "La tortuga." The adjectives are the words that are changing: La
tortuga es lenta (not "lento").....El elefante es gordo (not "gorda.")
If your paper is messy or does not have a lot of room for corrections,
rewrite the sentences on a clean sheet of paper and staple it to your
original yellow sheet.

el 23 de enero
Completa el buscapalabras

el 19 de enero
If you did an excellent job on your poem, keep practicing over the weekend as
we will be choosing contestants for the MMS Poetry Contest next wee, starting
on Mon. If you did poorly on your presentation, you will also be presenting
again on Mon. Otherwise, NO HAY TAREA !!!!!

el 17-18 de enero
(Papel amarillo if you didn't hand it in yet)

el 12 de enero
1) Memorize your poema for a test grade. Presentations will start next week
on the first day you have class (Tues. for per. 8, and Wed. for all other
periods.) Be sure to work on EXPRESSION !!!!! You should also have excellent
pronunciation, memorization, and pace (not too fast...not too slow.) Pause
in the appropriate places. (Do not recite the poem in "sing-song" mode.)
Make your poem COME ALIVE !!! We should feel DELIGHTED to be listening to
2) Complete the yellow sheet given out in class...both sides!

el 10-11 de enero
Memorizar mas lineas de tu poema, y todo si posible, para jueves el 12 de
enero. Add expresion! (Know what the words you are saying mean so you can
give the appropriate expression.

Memorizar TODO el poema con expresion para martes el 17 de enero, o miercoles
el 18 de enero(whichever day you have class first next week.) (Lunes es el
Dia e Martin Luther King ...No hay clases.)

el 5 de enero
Memorizar 8 - 10 lineas de tu poema. Add expression! Do not recite your
poem like a robot! Do not recite it too fast, and do not recite it too slow.
Think about the words you are saying....Give your poem FEELING! If you did
not say your 6 - 8 lines today, you will do this on lunes.

el 3-4 de enero
Memorizar 6 - 8 (o m�s) l�neas de tu poema para jueves, el 5 de enero 
Sra.OT gave you different instructions.) Saying these will count toward your
participation grade.
Use these links under Spanish links above:
Agosto = #27
Mariposa = #28
Sapo Cancionero, El Enfermo y el Medico, La Rana y la Gallina, El Ni�o Mal
Educado, y El Ni�o Bien Criado = #29 (all on same link - scroll down - all
are either grade 6 or 7)
Ventanitas = #35
Cancioncilla Sevillana = #39

el 15 de diciembre
Per. 1 Choose one or 2 poemas from the paquete.If you feel sure of your
choice, memorize the first few lines.(We will be memorizing the whole poem
after the vacation.)
All other periods: Memorize the first 3 or 4 lines of your poema. (Find a
logical "breaking" point.)

el 15 de diciembre
Continue to memorize the questions and answers on the "papel azul" handed out
in class.

el 14 de diciembre
Per.1 : Memorize the top set of questions and answers on the papel azul
handed out en clase. (You can substitute a different family word for
hermanos.) See Sra. OT if you were absent.

Per.2,4,7 : Look through the poem packet. Select 2 poems that interest you
that you would consider memorizing. Write the 2 titles on a piece of paper
that you will bring to class jueves.

el 13 de diciembre (PER.8)
Write 5 little paragraphs as we did in class today.

el 12 de diciembre
Buscapalabras de la familia.
Turn in your pavo for a grade if not already done.

eln 6-8 de diciembre
Practica vocabulario nuevo de la clase de hoy.
(One class receieved a buscapalabras. That is due next mi�rcoles.)
If you took your pavo home to improve it for a grade, be sure to bring it
back by lunes.
If you did not do your prueba on the "objetos" (per.8)or your "spell your
first and last name" presentation(all per. except 8), be ready to do so on

el 5 de diciembre
Per. 1-7: continue to practice for your short partner presentation spelling
your first name and last name "en espa�ol." Use the "papel violeta."
Per.8: Study for your "Prueba sobre los objetos." (QUIZ!!!!)

el 30 de noviembre - el 1 de diciembre
Periods 1-7
Memorize the 2 questions and answers on the papel violeta given out en
clase. You will be asking each other en espa�ol how to spell your first and
last names, and answering these questions en espa�ol as well. (This is a 30
point graded assignment due Monday.) Per. 1 only:Also finish the
tan "cu�ntos" worksheet (counting objetos) if you did not finish this in

Per. 8
You will be having your objeto prueba martes. "Estudia" over the weekend.

el 29 de noviembre - PERIOD 8 ONLY !!!!!
1)Label the pictures of the objetos on the papel blanco given out in class
today. The words are listed on the back of the papel Use "un" o "una."
2)Prepara para una prueba martes el 6 de diciembre sobre los objetos. Use
the "paquete" given out in class with the objeto pictures.

el 28 de noviembre
�Terminar los pavos con color y palabras!
Trae tu pavo a la escuela martes o mi�rcoles.

el 17 de noviembre
�Feliz D�a de Acc��n de Grac�as!
NO HAY TAREA -----pero, bring your l�pices de color and a fine pointed
bol�grafo negro (if you have one) for the first day after Thanksgiving to
write the words on your "pavo."

el 16 de noviembre
Prueba sobre los objetos JUEVES, el 16 de noviembre - periods 1,2,4,7
Period 8 - Objeto sorting sheet (extras are in the bin)

el 14 de noviembre
Period 1: Finish the "object sorting worksheet" that you started in class
this morning. (It says "Classroom vocabulary" at the top.
Periods 1,2,4, and 7: Study for the object quiz on Thurs. Use the packet of
vocabulary that has pictures given out in class to study from. Make sure you
have added "un "sacapuntas" to the packet. Do not wait until Wed. night to
practice. Start now! You will not be graded on spelling on this prueba, but
there may be extra credit for spelling.)
Period 8: Study for an alfabeto prueba on martes (Tues.) I will ask
you "�C�mo se escribe tu nombre?" and you will answer "Mi nombre se 
escribe --
---" using the correct letters en espa�ol. You will be also be 
asked "�C�mo
se escribe tu apellido?" You will answer "Mi apellido se escribe -------"
using the correct letters en espa�ol.(See info about links under el 10 de
The classroom object sorting worksheet is due on jueves for this period only.

el 10 de noviembre
All periods will complete the "objeto" sorting sheet passed out en clase on
jueves for lunes, el 14 de noviembre. Find your period below to see the rest
of your assignment.

Periods 1,2,4,7 - you will have a prueba on los objetos on jueves, el 17 de

Period 8 - you will have a graded assignment on the alfabeto on martes, el 15
de noviembre.Be able to spell your Spanish first name and your American last
name en espa�ol. You can practice the alfabeto bu clicking "Spanish links"
abov and using links 1,2, and 4. You will have your objeto prueba at a later
date, but continue to practice with the object packet given to you in class

el 9 de noviembre
This assignment is for periods 1,2,4, and 7.
Start to practicar for a prueba on the classroom objetos. Use the new tan
packet of "vocabulario de la clase"(with pictures) given out en clase hoy.
The prueba will be on jueves, el 17 de noviembre. The words will be given en
ingl�s, and you will write them en espa�ol.You can make flash cards to
pactice with the packet given out in class if this helps you.

el 3 - 7 de noviembre
Completa el crucigrama about "objetos" that we went over en clase. It is
anaranjado. There are extra copies in the bin if you lose . This is due
On lunes, you will receive a buscapalabras with Halloween vocabulario. You
will write what the words at the bottom mean en ingl�s, and find them in the
buscapalabras. This is due mi�rcoles.

el 1 de noviembre/el 2 de noviembre
1)Practica el vocabulario p. 9 y del buscapalabras
2)Escribe 10 palabras nuevas - (favoritas)- use the buscapalabras you just
completed and p. 9 of the manual. (Pick words from each of those 2 places.)
Write what the word means in English too. Do this as a list 1 - 10 as
demonstrated in class.

el 31 de octubre
The buscapalabras passed out last jueves is due in class on mi�rcoles unless
your class has already turned it in. !Feliz Halloween!

el 27 de octubre
Completa el Buscapalabras (objetos)

el 26 de octubre
Practiquen el tiempo(p.13) y los colores (p.17) en el manual.

el 24 de octubre
Be listo to do your skit if not already performed. If you have performed
your skit, no hay tarea.

el 20 de octubre
Be listo to perform your skit on lunes!
Bring a prop and have your lines memorized.

el 18- 19 de octubre (Homework due jueves)
Bring in a typed or neatly written rough draft of your skit. Have both your
lines and your partner's lines written down. Each person must hand me a copy:
that means one copy per person, not one copy for 2 people.

el 17 de octubre (Homework due mi�rcoles)
Continua a practicar el paso c�mico. You will be presenting on either jueves
o lunes. You will need to have a written copy when you present. This must
be neatly written or typed and show your lines as well as your partner's
lines. Each person must hand me a copy: that means one copy per person, not
one copy for 2 people.
You may bring in a rough draft to show Sra. OT on mi�rcoles, but it is due 

el 13 de octubre
1) Look over the skit you received in class today. Start to plan what you
will say. How will you be feeling? Why will you feel that way? How will you
say "Nice to meet you?" What will your departure phrase be?, etc.
2) Be "listo" (ready) to say your telephone number to Sra. OT if you haven't
done this yet.

el 6 - 11 de octubre

el 4 - 5 de octubre
1)Start to think about your "Cabeza de Huevo" proyecto or an alternative idea
that you may want to do instead. If you have an alternative idea, bring the
proposal to Sra. OT this jueves, el 6 de octubre. Write it on the paper that
Sra. OT gave youi in class.
The final project is due on martes, el 11 de octubre for per. 8 ONLY.
It is due mi�rcoles, el 12 de octubre for all periods except per. 8.
2)Start to study for your prueba that will be on jueves, el 13 de octubre
It will be on n�meros 0 - 29.
3) Keep practicing the alfabeto with the enlaces (links.)

el 3 de octubre
Continua a practicar el alfabeto - Enlace #2
Advance notice: Prueba(quiz)next week (NOT THIS WEEK) ON jueves, el 13 de
octubre - ON n�meros 0 - 29

el 27 y 28 de septiembre (This assignment is due lunes, el 3 de octubre)
Practica el alfabeto. (Link 2 under Spanish links.)Spend 10 minutes doing
Per. 7 only: Completa el papel azul. (Other classes have done this already.)

el 26 de septiembre
Completa el papel azul

el 22 de septiembre
1)Be "listo" (ready for an oral prueba.
Be able to answer questions with "S�, tengo...."
and "No, no tengo...."
Be able to ask a classmate a question with "Tienes..."
2) Completa 2 crucigramas.

el 21 de septiembre
QUIZ TOMORROW - SEE DETAILS BELOW UNDER "el 19-21 de septiembre,"#2).
(The quiz is not on estoy.)

el 19-21 de septiembre
1) Pr�ctica las expresiones con "estoy" (estoy nervioso, estoy enojada,
estoy feliz, etc.) (This paper was passed out in class today.)
2) Estudia para la prueba jueve -"Los objetos de la clase." (QUIZ THURS!)
There will be no word bank. If you see "a pencil case," you will write
"un estuche," "marcadores" = "markers."

el 15 de septiembre
1) Make an index card for each number from 0 to 21. Put the number on one
side of the card, and the spelling on the other side EN ESPA�OL.Use p. 11 of
your manual. Make the numbers and words large and colorful so they can be
seen by all classmates if you hold them up. These are due on Mon.
2) Quiz next Thurs. on classroom objects. You will need to write the words in
Spanish, and also be able to talk about what objects you have with you and
don't have with you EN ESPA�OL!!!

el 12 - 14 de septiembre del 2011
Continue to bring all your materials to class. We will be doing an activity
with the materials.
Keep practicing what we go over in class. (�Tienes un l�piz? S�,tengo un
l�piz o No, no tengo un l�piz. Also, the departure phrases on p. 3 of
manual, such as "Nos vemos."

el 8 de septiembre del 2011
1) Bring your classroom supplies for next Monday (lunes)
2) Practice the expressions on p. 3 of your manual that we went over in class
on Thurs. Also practice asking and saying your name "en espa�ol."
3) Have a great "fin de semana" (weekend.)

2010 - 2011

el 9 de junio
�NO hay tarea !

el 6 -8 de junio
Continua a estudiar para el examen final. If you have completed your
assessment, no hay tarea.

el 31 de mayo - el 1 de junio
All week :Be preparing for your final assessement which takes place on lunes,
el 6 de junio
On el 31 de mayo o el 1 de junio:
Write at at least 4 sentences en espa�ol for each of the 4 categories that
you will speak about for the final. It is better to do 4 sentences per
category WELL than to do more sentences but not be do them fluently.
We will be practicing in class all week.

el 26 de mayo
Start to practice for the "examen final."
Use the single papel and paquete that Sra. OT gave you en clase for
You can write bullets in English on an index card for each category you
select and practice speaking fluently looking at the card. You must select
at least 3 categories but you may also choose more categories. The goal is
to "show off" how well you have learned Spanish by speaking flently in at
least 3 categories.
We will practice both days we have class next week. (Lunes no hay escuela.)
El examen final es lunes, el 6 de junio.

el 23-25 de mayo
Per�odo 8 - Completa el papel verde con las preguntas
All other periods erad below:
1)Study for a number quiz on jueves (Per. 8 will have their quiz on martes
due to a large number of quizzes already taking place on Thurs.)
2)Start to prepare for your final assessment. Among other topics you will be
saying a short paragraph en espa�ol about yourself and a pet and/or a member
of your family. There will be other topics to talk about as well, but start
practicing this one now. Use the green pregunta sheet as a guide.
The final assessment will take place on June 6. All students must
Be prepared for the assessment on June 6 (el 6 de junio.)
3)Some of you need to re-do your taco proyecto (project)as you forgot to
color it, make it neat, write the 2 sentences on the bottom, or label the
ingredients "en el taco." It is your responsiblity to get this to Sra. OT.

el 19 de mayo
Draw a taco shell with 8 ingredients in it. LABEL the ingredients en
espa�ol. You may also use the computer and clip art to do this proyecto. Be
neat and colorful and be sure to spell accurately (refer to the classroom
handouts.) Also include your first and last name are on the proyecto and your
Be sure as well to complete the 2 sentences at the bottom of the page.
Remember, this is just about a taco in general, not about one that has things
that you in particular like or do not like. "En mi taco hay" really
means "In the picture I have drawn of a taco, there is...."(8 ingredients).
There is not..(three ingredients.)
Alos, attach the rough draft we did in class to your proyecto.(Staple or
paper clip.)

!Buena suerte! Good luck!
(Extra blank copies are next to the printer in room 361.)

el 18 de mayo
Do your mejor (best) to answer the preguntas on the papel verde that Sra. OT
gave you en clase hoy.
If you did not do the buscapalabras verde "Buen Provecho" that the sub gave
you on lunes, complete that as well for jueves.
Complete any other missing tarea. You will have a graded assignment over the

el 17 de mayo
Per. 8 - No hay tarea

el 12 de mayo
2 papeles
1) amarillo
2) rosado (Aparea side only)

el 10/11 de mayo
No hay tarea.

el 9 de mayo
Papel dorado con 6 preguntas.

el 5 de mayo
el buscapalabras verde es extra credito

el 2 de mayo
By martes el 3 de mayo (per.8) and miercoles el 4 de mayo, you should have
all completed the 3 worksheets passed out last week,
el papel violeta (classroom expressions)
el papel blanco (food) (el buscapalabras es extra credito)
el papel dorado (buscapalabras sobre los animales.)
Tambien, traigan $2.00 by martes (per. 8) y miercoles (all other classes.)
Note: Jueves hay una prueba sobre la ropa y los "Desfiles de modas" should
be completed by the end of miercoles.

el 28 de abril
Per. 8
1)El papel blanco con frutas y m�s. Put a circle around the correct word and
translate the words on the back. El buscapalabras es extra credito.
2)El buscapalabras del Zool�gico

Per. 1,2,4,y 7
Papel violeta - Escribe las palabras el ingl�s
Papel blanco: on one side, put a c�rculo around the correct imagen (picture)
on the other "lado" translate the words on the bottom. (You may
omit a few, but use a translator or ask an amigo or family
member.) El buscapalabras es extra credito.

el 27 de abril (for classes that meet today
)Buscapalabras del Zool�gico

el 26 de abril (Per.8)
Papel violeta - Escribe el ingl�s
Papel blanco: on one side, put a c�rculo around the correct imagen (picture)
on the other "lado" translate the words on the bottom. (You may
omit a few, but use a translator or ask an amigo or family
member. Try to do most of them. El buscapalabras es extra credito.

el 25 de abril
Be listo to perform your desfile de moda (fashion show.)Use either el papel
rosado o el papel azul, but you will perform without any papel. Memorize, or
have clothing phrases prepared in your cabeza! Your goal is to keep the
conversation flowing and enthusiastic.

el 14 de abril
�No hay tarea! the desfile de moda (fashion show) will be martes for Per. 8
y mi�rcoles for all other periods when we get back from the vacaciones.

el 12 de abril (Per. 8 only)
El papel amarillo

el 11 de abril
2 papeles:
1) Papel sobre los colores (Rojo y azul hacen ______)
Do this "con l�pices de color o marcadores." Be sure to "escribe la
respuesta" as well as adding the correct color.
2) Papel con la ropa. "Escribe la palabra" for each item of "ropa." Use
manual p. 16 and spell correctly.

el 6 de abril
Per. 1 - Otro lado del imagen grande con la ropa. Highlight the palabras de
la ropa on the imagen grande,cuarto de los ni�os y COLOREA LA ROPA.
Pr�ctica el desfile de moda (Fashion Show)
Per.2 - Buscapalabras rosado sobre la ropa.
Pr�ctica el desfile de moda (Fashion show)
Per. 4 - No hay tarea, pero ...start to paln el desfile de moda (Fashion Show)
Per 7 - Pr�ctica el desfile de moda (Fashion Show)

el 5 de abril
Per. 8
El buscapalabras rosado con la ropa.
Be planning and practicing your fashion skit.

el 4 de abril
This will vary by period
Per 1 - Buscapalabras amarillo con la ropa - (Buscapalabras verde es extra
Per. 2 - Buscapalabras rosado con la ropa - (due jueves)
Per. 4 y 7 - Buscapalabras rosado con la ropa - due mi�rcoles
Per 8 - Imagen grande rosado con la ropa(Big picture) - due martes - Colorea
la ropa de los dos lados (both sides). Highlight "las palabras" tambi�n.)

el 31 de marzo
Colorea un lado del papel grande con los ni�os y la ropa. Colorea solamente
la ropa y solamente el lado con las ni�as. (Just the girl side, and just
the "ropa" pictures.) Highlight the ropa words as well. Try to learn some
new vocabulary as you do this. If you enjoy coloring, you may color the
whole picture or any other part of the picture you want. However, leave the
boy side

el 30 de marzo (per�odos 1,2,4,7)
El papel amarillo con la ropa.

el 29 de marzo (Per. 8)
Keep practicing "La Ropa." (Clothing)

el 28 de marzo
�No hay tarea!

el 24 de marzo
Papel gris con la maleta.

el 23 de marzo
Papel dorado con 8 imagenes . Write 2 weather expressions and a season for
each picture.

el 22 de marzo (per.8)
1)Papel dorado (golden) con el tiempo (weather)
2)Papel blanco - read the directions in Spanish and dibuja (draw) what they
tell you to draw ( appropriate "tiempo" = weather)

el 21 de marzo
1)The large buscapalabras (wordsearch) with colors is due the next time you
have class. (Wed. for all periods except per. 8 - Per. 8 is due Tues.
2) The small yellow 1/2 sheet with clothing is due the next time you meet if
you did not finish it in class on Mon.

Completa el buscapalabras sobre los colores. Es para mi�rcoles el 23 de
marzo. (per�odo 8: es para martes)

el 15/16 de marzo
Estudia para la prueba jueves sobre los meses.
Use the blue paper with the questions that we practiced with in class today.
Be able to spell the months en espa�ol. You will also need to write the 4
seasons from Spanish into English as we did on the blue sheet. For example:
el verano=_________(You will write: SUMMER)
You will need to answer the questions that are on the sheet as well. You
must answer en espa�ol in complete sentences.

el 14 de marzo
1) PRUEBA jueves sobre los meses
2) Para mi�rcoles, buscapalabras rojo (para per. 8, es para martes)

el 10 de marzo
Completa el buscapalabras anaranjado. Some of you have already done this.

Next week, jueves el 17 de marzo,we will have a quiz on the months.

el 8/9 de marzo
Completa el papel amarillo - 2 lados

el 7 de marzo
Pr�ctica el tiempo y los meses.

el 3 de marzo
Completa el papel verde - (Las Estaciones)
Put 3 answers for each picture, two positive, and one negative. For
example, "Hace fr�o, Est� nevando, No hace calor" You may use any weather
expressions you have learned in addition to the ones listed on the papel

el 2 de marzo
Completa el papel violeta , 2 lados (2 sides)
Pr�ctica con las tarjetas

el 1 de marzo
Finish the 10 weather cards started in class today

el 28 de febrero
1) Be "listo" to do your family story if not done. See me if you have any
questions or problems.
2) Finish the 10 tarjetas about "el tiempo" (the weather) started in class.
Write the weather expression on one side of the card, and draw a picture (in
pencil) on the other side.

el 17 de febrero
No hay tarea, but if you did not do your family presentaci�n yet you will do
it when you get back from vacation.
The busacapalabras given out in class on jueves will be due on el 2 de marzo
for all classes except per. 8. Per. 8 's is due el 1 de marzo.

el 14-16 de febrero
1) Re-write your family story if not already done (unless you have A or A-
We will be presenting family stories in class for a grade starting on martes
(mi�rcoles for some classes.) If you are overwhelmed, you may present a
shorter version of the story. You must describe yourself,and then just one
person or pet in your family. You must also present "el fin." If you do the
story this way you will still be able to get a grade of "A." If you present
more than one person besides yourself and you do an EXCELLENT JOB (Keep the
story flowing, have excellent pronunciation, and can demonstrate you
understand the meaning of what you are saying) you will get extra credit.

Over las vacaciones,� NO HAY TAREA !
el 10 de febrero
1) Memorize your whole skit. You should be able to answer the questions
about your family that are on the yellow sheet. Some of you will present on
lunes, some on martes, and some on mi�rcoles.
2) If your written copy of your family story had less than A-, write or type
it over again with corrections and no repeats of adjetivos. Turn it in to
Sra. OT on lunes (Monday.) This will improve your grade.

el 8 y el 9 de febrero
Continue to practice your family story. Be able to answer questions with
fluency and good pronunciation.
Turn in any missing work or extra credit that you have completed.

el 7 de febrero
There are 3 things to do for tarea for your next class:
1) Complete the papel anaranjado (family tree)
2) Write over your whole entire purple family story on a separate piece of
paper to give to Sra. OT so she can correct any errors you may be making.
3)Memorize the first paragraph of the family story.

el 3 de febrero
The prueba that was postponed from last week will take place on lunes, el 7
de febrero. You will need to know all the "vocabulario de la familia" from
your "tarjetas." This includes palabras such as "el hermano, la nieta, y los
Be practicing your new family story with adjectives that we wrote in class
(except for "el fin.") Write the answers to the questions on the papel
amarillo that goes with the family story.

el 31 de enero
1)Make any corrections you need to on previously done work and turn back in.
2)Pr�ctica con el papel violeta de la familia - Make the story interesting
and good - Leave "el fin" blanco.
3) Prueba - jueves el 3 de febrero sobre el vocabulario de la familia.
Pr�ctica con las tarjetas

el 25-26 de enero
All periods except Per. 7: "Completa" however much of the papel violeta(Mi
Familia)Sra. OT told your class to complete. (Each class is different.) Use
the adjetivos en p�gina 2b del manual to do this.
Per�odo 7: You do not have this papel yet because of the snow and early
dismissal. You will get this the next time we meet. Be sure to have your 2
sided "papel vainilla" with the family buscapalabras completed. Be sure to
translate every sentence on the back into Engl;ish, then mark off
either "correcta" or "incorrecta."

el 24 de enero
Completa la hoja de color vainilla - 2 lados (2 sides)

el 20 de enero
1) Completa el buscapalabras de la familia
2)Traigan las tarjetas de la familia

el 19 de enero
Taigan las tarjetas de la familia (Completed - 18 in all)
Be "listo" to recite your poema (as described below) for a grade. Be sure
you know what you are saying, and add appropriate expression.

el 11-12 de enero
Continue to perfect "la presentaci�n del poema." Work on memorizaci�n,
pronunciaci�n, y expresi�n.

el 10 de enero
1)Memoriza todo el poema
2)Bring your 20 index cards back to class. We will work on them in class
this week. They will be due your first day of class next week.

el 6 de enero
Memoriza 4 l�neas m�s del poema (for a total of 8 i�neas, or about 2/3 
of the
poema.) Also, at some point, memorize the title and author if these are
listed on your sheet. (Remember that the first 3 poemas are by Federico
Garc�a Lorca.)
The tarea for next Monday will be to learn the whole poema.

el 4 y el 5 de enero
Memorize one third of your poema (For Agosto do first 4 lines)
The links are: Agosto: Links #27 & #36
Ventanitas: Link #35
Mariposa: Links #37 & #38
(If you would like to try to access the video that we saw in class of Andy
Garcia saying this poem, try link #28. It may work for you at home, or you
may have to download new software to see it.)

All other poems: Link 29 - (recited by Sr. Smith) (scroll down once you open
the link to get the the 6th grade poemas. Note: "El Enfermo y el M�dico" are
under 7th grade.)

el 3 de enero del 2011
Leer el paquete de poemas, escoger uno, y practicar.

el 27 de septiembre
Practiquen los n�meros 0 -20. Be able to say them for a grade starting on
Day 2 of Spanish this week.
See links 7 and 19 for number practice.
See links 9 and 18 for practice of expressions we have learned and some new
ones too. (Be able to impress Sra. OT with something new you learn!)

el 23 de septiembre
Completa 21 tarjetas con n�meros 0 - 20.
(Put the big n�mero on one side,and spell the word on the other side. Both
sides should be BIG!!!)
You should be able to recite these numbers.

el 20-22 de septiembre
1)Practica para la prueba (quiz) jueves (Thurs.) on "Los objetos para la
clase de espa�ol."
Example from the quiz: You will see 1) Pen _____________
You will write....... "bol�grafo" on the line.
Each question will be worth 10 points.
Spelling will count 1 point for each question. (Accents will not count.)

2) Trae 21 tarjetas
3)Extra credito - 1)la bandera de M�xico 2) enlace (link)#24

el 16 de septiembre
1) Memoriza los n�meros 0 - 20. Be able to say them in class Monday (lunes.)
2) Quiz next week on jueves (Thurs.) on "los objetos para la clase de
(The "objetos" on the goldenrod sheet given out at the beginning of class.)
3)EXTRA CREDIT:Either or both of these items may be turned any day you have
class next week:
a) Color the bandera (flag) de M�xico in honor of its 200th anniversary of
"independencia" from Espa�a (Spain.)
b) Read about Mexico's independence on link #24 and write about half a page
telling Sra. what interested you in this article and what you learned.

el 14/15 de septiembre
1) Memoriza la canci�n - We will film it on jueves (Thurs.)
2) Bring in 21 tarjetas
3) Completa el papel violeta (unless your class was excused from this)

el 13 de septiembre del 2010
1) Bring 21 blank index cards (tarjetas blancas)
2) Memorize the "Clase de Espa�ol" canci�n so that Sr. OT can videotape

The week of " el 7 de septiembre" del 2010
NOTE: Because we only meet 3 times a week, we we only meet once this week
since Mon. & Thurs are holidays!
Practice the one page "skit" given out in class last week and that we worked
on your one day of class this week. Also practice the song we sang in
class, "La clase de espa�ol." We will make a video of your class singing
this song next week, so make sure you can sing it well! You will also
choose a line from the skit to say on the video next week.
SUPPLIES: If you haven't brought these in to show Sra. OT, be sure to bring
them to class on Monday.

1) Complete purple sheet given out in class Thurs. (in English)
2) Practice the whole page "dialogue/skit" sheet given out in class
Thurs. Only practive what was covered in your class (Some classes covered
more than others. Most classes covered at least up to #18) Remember
that "practice makes perfect." You are now in the "practice phase," and we
will continue to keep working on this next week. However, if you do not
practice, you may have trouble later on.
3)Bring in your supplies to show Sra. OT if not already done


Note: If you would like to practice speaking at home, click on "Spanish
above. Then go to one of the following links:

Link 3 - Basics - (Hola, gracias, por favor, etc.)
Link 19 - Numbers 0 - 20
Link 7 - Numbers 0 - 20 Backwards! (Very cool!)
Link 20 - Days of the week oral practice
Link 6 - Game with Days of the Week
Link 18 - Greetings - Some are from class and some are new.
Sra. O'Toole

Gracias for checking this site! Please always check here when you
are absent to find out what your assignments are. (You can also call
a friend if you have any "preguntas.")

Also, please note that these assignments are subject to change.

Sra. O'Toole


el 17 de junio
Don't forget to go to the Spanish links above to practice your Spanish over
the summer!!!!

el 15-16 de abril
You must bring the orange survey sheet back that you will get in class today.
Per. 8 - Stop by and pick one up from my substitute on Wed. and bring it to
me on Thurs.,and I will give you extra credit for this. (This only applies to
per. 8)

el 14 de junio
�Qu� hora es? buscapalabras violeta.

el 9 de junio (periods
Finish all work not already completed. All work must be completed by 6/10/10.
Extra credit may be turned by lunes el 17 de junio.
Period 7: You are ahead of the other classes. Complete the short
buscapalabras about "�D�nde est� Carlos?

el 8 de junio (Period 8 only)
Completa buscapalabras - �D�nde est� Carlos?

el 7 de junio
1) Hoja con el zool�gico/Granja (zoo/farm)
2)Hoja violeta con comida

el 3 de junio
1) Paquete blanco con "Tengo hambre/Tengo sed." Do all 4 pages!
2) Hoja rosada - animales (la tortuga es lenta.)
3)Presentaci�n- (if not already done.)

el 1-2 de junio
Estudia para el examen final. (Mira abajo.) (See below.)
Any extra work you turn in will count as extra credit.(Sra. OT will provide
extra sheets in class every day while the oral exams are going on.) Doing the
extra sheets is a good way to influence your participation grade.

el 26 de mayo
Estudia el paquete y pr�ctica con el papel violeta.
If you prefer to memorize your presentation from the paper violeta, you may
do that, and then you will be asked a few random questions from the 3 page
question sheet. If you have a "memory lapse" but quickly recover when Sra. OT
gives you a hint, that will not count against you. (Note that a few questions
are not included on the purple sheet that are in the paquete. You need to be
able to answer those questions as well.)
If you choose not to memorize from the purple sheet, then you will be asked a
series of questions from the paquete that will add up to the same information
as on the purple sheet.
Make sure you are not hesitant as you answer the preguntas or deliver your
presentation,that you have good pronounciation, that you answer in complete
sentences,that you act out the commands apropriately, that your answers are
correct, and that your tone is appropriate. (Example: For "�C�mo estas?"
don't answer "Hace calor." If I ask you YOUR name, don't answer"Me llamo
Bones", o "Tigger", o "Muffin.")
Bring your animal to practice jueves. You MUST bring your animal all of next
week or you will lose points on your presentation.

�Buena suerte y Buen fin de semana!

el 24 de mayo
Per. 1, 2, & 8
Estudia el paquete. El paquete es verde o azul....depende de la clase.....
Per. 3 y 7
Estudia las preguntas y respuestas SIN ESTRELLAS del paquete. YOU SHOULD BE
ABLE TO ANSWER LAS PREGUNTAS a la perfecci�n !!!!!

el 20 de mayo
Estudia el paquete de preguntas. Only practice the preguntas we did in
class, the ones without the stars (las estrellas.)
Decide what your stuffed animal will be for your presentation. DO NOT BRING
will be writing and practicing in class without the animals next week.

el 18 y el 19 de mayo
Buscapalabras - hoja rosada

el 17 de mayo
Completa la hoja amarilla sobre los n�meros
Estudia para la prueba sobre los n�meros.
Know that mil = 1.000 cien = 100 ciento diez = 110
500 = quinientos 700 = setecientos 900 = novercientos
and the normal hundreds such as doscientos = 200.
Know how to count by 10's: diez, veinte, treinta, cuarenta, cincuenta,
sesenta, setenta, ochenta, noventa, cien, ciento diez.
Know how to write thousands: ochenta y dos mil = 82.000 (or 82,000 the U.S.
way of writing numbers.)
Be able to recognize and write 5 digit numbers "en espa�ol as we have been
doing in class.

el 11 - 12 de mayo
Completa la hoja rosada - 2 lados (2 sides)

el 10 de mayo
1) Completa la hoja blanca con n�meros (setenta y uno = 71)
2) Completa la hoja violeta con fechas (a�os) (2012)

el 6 de mayo
1)Completa el buscapalabras
2)Taigan la bolsa con la comida. (Bring your Baggie with the food you have
been working on in class.)

el 3 de mayo
1)Traigan $1.25 - Fiesta con CHURROS - el 5 de mayo!!!!!!
2) Papel anaranjado - "El tiene 13 a�os - This was given out after your
family prueba. (Some classes have already completed this.)

el 22 de abril - el 3 de mayo
Due to various team activities, your class may be on a different schedule
from other classes. Please check your tarea by class period.

Period 1
Due lunes el 26 de abril: Memorize whole family story except
el Fin (last line.)
Due mi�rcoles el 28: Memorize whole family story including el fin
y Arbol Geneal�gico
Due jueves el 29 de abril :Viaje al zo�logico del Bronx
Due lunes el 3 de mayo: Prueba sobre "La Familia."

Period 2
Due lunes el 26 de abril: Memorize whole family story except
el Fin (last line.)
Due mi�rcoles el 28 Memorize whole family story including el fin y
Arbol Geneal�gico

Due jueves el 29 de abril :Prueba sobre "La Familia."
Due lunes el 3 de mayo: papel anaranjado given out "despu�s de la prueba."

Period 3
Due lunes el 26 de abril: Memorize whole family story except
el Fin (last line.)
Due mi�rcoles el 28 Memorize whole family story including el fin.
Due jueves el 29 de abril :Arbol Geneal�gico
Due lunes el 3 de mayo: Prueba sobre "La Familia."

Period 7
Due lunes el 26 de abril: Memorize whole family story except
el fin (last line.)
Due mi�rcoles el 29: Memorize whole family story including el fin.
Due jueves el 29 de abril: Prueba sobre la familia
Due lunes el 3 de mayo:
1) Arbol Geneal�gico. This may also be turned in at
time the week before.
2)papel anaranjado given out "despu�s de la prueba."

Period 8
Due lunes el 26 de abril: Memorize whole family story except
el fin (last line.)
Due martes el 29: Memorize whole family story including el fin.
(Sra. OT will be at the poetry contest, but you must
memorize the whole skit to be ready to say it after
the quiz on jueves.)
Due jueves el 29 de abril :Prueba sobre la familia
Due lunes el 3 de mayo: Arbol Geneal�gico. This may also be turned in at
any time the week before.

el 20-21 de abril
Memorize the "Introducci�n" part of the family story that we have been
working on in class. Memorize both the preguntas y respuestas (questions and

el 19 de abril
Completa la hoja "Cu�ntos." This was passed out today in class.

Information for those students stranded abroad.
We will work on the cream colored family story sheet this week in class as
well as the questions and vocabulary on page 9 of the manual. We will also
be reviewing numbers 0 - 200, including one word speliing of teen numbers.
For example,on your "Cu�ntos worksheet," you will write "diecinueve,"
not "diez y nueve." Even though your manual uses "diez y nueve," it is old-
fashioned and you should switch to the "one word spelling." Another thing we
will be doing is making a colorful family tree (that looks like a tree,) but
this is too hard to explain on the internet.
So,do the best you can with this information, but don't worry, I will help
you catch up with whatever you miss when you return. If you are in a country
that speaks a language other than English, learn some phrases in that
language to report back to the class when you return. If you are in a country
that speaks espa�ol, be sure to practice as much as you can and report back
any new words and phrases you learn.

el 8 de abril

el 7 de abril
Completa 2 hojas. Check with a classmate if you have preguntas.

el 5 de abril
Completa crucigrama de la familia. (Includes a few challenge words at bottom.)

el 1 de abril

el 30/31 de marzo
Completa la crucigrama (given out after the weather quiz.)

el 29 de marzo
Estudia para la prueba sobre el tiempo. This will take place mi�rcoles for
all periods except period 8 which will take place on martes.
Be able to answer the preguntas we talked about in class.

el 25 de marzo
If you did not do your skit yet, you will be doing it on lunes.
Everyone (todos) should start to study for the weather skit on mi�rcoles el
31 de marzo.

el 22 - 24 de marzo
Be ready to present your skit WITH PROPS martes,mi�rcoles o jueves, el 23-25
de marzo. Everyone must present by jueves of this semana, no
excuses (unless you are ill and not in escuela.) (See me for extra help if
necessary.) You may also start to study for the prueba del tiempo (weather
quiz) miercoles el 31 de marzo.

el 18 de marzo
1)Completa el buscapalabras verde (p. 16 y p 4 del manual)
2)Be planning or starting to memorize your skit depending on how far we got
in your class. We will perform these Wed., or Thurs. of next semana (week.)
(We will NOT perform on lunes, el 22 de marzo.)

el 11 de marzo
1)Completa la hoja rosada about "Expresiones."
2)Start to plan the skit we started in class today. We will continue to work
on this in class on lunes, el 15 de marzo. You will perform it for a grade
later on next week. If we just started going over it in your class,DO
NOTHING with this piece of paper except bring it back on Monday. (Some
classes were very short due to CMT's.)

el 9-10 de marzo
No hay tarea para jueves.
But you will have a weather prueba on jueves, el 18 de marzo.
(This has now been postponed until skits have been presented.)

el 8 de marzo
Completa el buscapalabras de la familia.

el 1- 5 de marzo
Estudia para la prueba. This will now take place on lunes el 8 de marzo. See
el 25 de febrero to see what to study.

el 25 de febrero
Completa la hoja amarilla (buscapalabras/familia)
Estudia para una prueba. The date has been changed to lunes el 8 de marzo.
1)months (los meses)Be able to spell these.
2)the 4 seasons (las 4 estaciones)(Spell as accurately as possible.)
3)Be able to answer 2 questions:
�Cu�l es la fecha de hoy? Hoy es el (#) de (mes)
For example: Hoy es 1 de marzo
�Cu�l estaci�n prefieres? Yo prefiero (el invierno)

el 24 de febreero
completa la hoja violeta

el 22/23 de febrero
Completa la hoja sobre el tiempo (weather worksheet.)

el 11 de febrero
���NO HAY TAREA!!!(unless you did not hand in your "Mochila Proyecto.")

el 8 de febrero
Mochila project due el 10 de febrero....That is the last homework assignment
until after "las vacaciones."

el 4 de febrero
Completa la hoja del tiempo. (Per.1 completed this in class.)
Start to work on your "Mochila Proyecto"following the directions on the
paper amarillo given out "en clase." This is due mi�rcoles el 10 de febrero
for all periods except per. 8. For per. 8, it is due martes el 9 de febrero.

el 3 de febrero
�No hay tarea!

el 1 - 2 de febrero
Estudia para la prueba (QUIZ!) This will take place on mi�rcoles for all
classes except per. 8. Per. 8 will have their prueba on jueves (Thurs.)

el 28 de enero
Per. 1 only: Completa el crucigrama anaranjado given out in class.
All periods (including per. 1) Estudia para la prueba next week on either
martes or mi�rcoles, whichever of those days you have Spanish. Estudia los
objetos. Use manual, worksheets, and the buscapalabras amarillo.

el 26-27 de enero
Completa el crucigrama anaranjado. Traduce las palabras tambi�n.
Note: Hay una prueba la semana pr�ximo sobre los objetos de la clase.
(Per.8 :Prueba el 2 de febrero - All other periods:Prueba el 3 de febrero)

el 25 de enero
Completa el "Sorting worksheet" given out in class today.

el 21 de enero
1) Start to memorize "las tarjetas de los objetos de la clase."Be sure to
bring your tarjetas to clase each day next week.
2) Completa el buscapalabras "el Mundo Escolar."

el 19-20 de enero
1) Completa el pavo (turkey) con colores.
2) Make sure you have completed the review sheet given out in class.

el 14 de enero
Memoriza todo el poema. Include the author and title. You will do your
final quiz grade presentation the first day of class next week. Remember
that we do not meet on Monday, so you have many days to prepare,but you must
be ready next week, no exceptions. For per. 8 the first day back is Tues.,
and for all other periods, it's Wed. This will count as a quiz/test grade.
You will be graded on memorization, pronunciation, Spanish accent,and
expression. Do not be a speeding locomotive! Add feeling! You can do
it! !Tu puedes hacerlo! See me if you need extra help.
See Spanish links for Ventanitas, Agosto, and Mariposa practice. Note that a
new link has been added, Link #29, SAPO CANCIONERO.

el 12-13 de enero
Bring your tarjetas and memorize the whole poem including author and title.
Next week you will be saying it for a quiz/test grade on Tues. or Wed.

el 11 de enero
1) Aprende todo el poema (except title and author)
2)Completed tarjetas due jueves

el 7 de enero
Memoriza las 4 pr�ximas l�neas of your poema. (Some groups will do 3, and
some 5, but most will do 4. It depends on the length of your poem.)
Your tarjetas are due next mi�rcoles. You will be able to work on them in
class on lunes el 11 de enero. You may also work on the over the fin de

el 5 y 6 de enero
1) Memoriza 4 l�neas del poema
2) Continue to bring the 30 tarjetas, cola, y tijeras. You will work on
making "tarjetas de los objetos de la clase" while Sra. OT listens to
various students recite the first 4 lines of your poem.

el 4 de enero
Trae 30 tarjetas blancas para mi�rcoles.
El poema - Pick the one you will be memorizing.

EL 23 de diciembre

el 21 de diciembre
Periods 1,2, y 3, No Hay Tarea. However, if you were absent for the prueba
(quiz) or did not do well on it (Sra. will let you know if that is the case)
you need to make a plan with Sra. OT to make it up before the "vacaciones."
Periods 7 y 8: Memorize las palabras de "Feliz Navidad."

Meanwhile,to all periods: "�Prospero A�o y Felidad!"

El 17 de diciembre
Per. 1: Completa el buscapalabras anaranjado con n�meros y ropa.
Otras clases: �No hay tarea!

el 14 - 16 de diciembre
All periods except period 1 also need to complete the buscapalabras
anaranjado given out on lunes for jueves. Per. 1 you need to complete it
for lunes el 21 de diciembre.
Also:Period 1 ONLY : Test/Quiz next time we meet, Wed., el 16 de diciembre
All other periods: Test/Quiz on jueves, el 17 de diciembre
What to study: 1)All the clothing words in manual. You also need to know the
words: la bufanda= the scarf, la pulsera = the bracelet, y
el collar = the necklace.
2) Be able to answer questions about where a female or male
come from and what their names are:
El se llama Felipe...Ella se llama Maria.
El es de Cuba.....Ella es de Costa Rica.
3) you also need to be able to say what a male or female is
wearing. For example: El lleva (pantalones.) Ella lleva zapatos.

You may use the blog as well to practice. (Use "Ropa," not "Ropa 2.")


el 10 de diciembre
1) Completa el apartado "Mi Maleta" (My Suitcase.) Call a friend if unsure
how to complete. Note for Period 1: If you have band, you may have been
given 2 worksheets. You only need to complete the suitcase one.
2) Estudia para la prueba jueves el 17 de dicimbre

el 9 de diciembre
1) Escribe la palabra of each "ropa" item behind each picture on the paquete
handed out. Include el/la/los o las. Escribe la palabra BEHIND each
picture, not on the front.
PROXIMA PRUEBA: JUEVES EL 17 de DICIEMBRE (sobre la ropa y "El Esqueleto"

el 7 de diciembre
Completea el buscapalabras that the substitute handed out.

el 3 de diciembre
����NO HAY TAREA !!!!
Prueba el 15 o el 16 de diciembre (depends which day your section meets.)

el 1 y el 2 de diciembre
Buscapalabras verde: "Escribe las palabras" at the bottom of the page "en
espa�ol." Be sure to put the palabra "the" en espa�ol also. Everyone must
fill out the bottom part of this sheet.
Extra credit: do the buscapalabras at the top of the paper for extra credit.

el 30 de noviembre
1)Completa el papel peque�o con la ropa. Use the words such as el, la, las,
las(whichever is in your manual) with each word you use. Give 5b itmes for
each except # 2. Give 3 items for #2(bed.)
2)Be "listo" to do your presentaci�n if you haven't already done it. You
will do it mi�rcoles. Be sure to bring your picture of your esqueleto.

el 19 de noviembre
If you have done your "Esqueleto" presentaci�n, �NO HAY TAREA!
If not, be "listo" to do it "despu�s de las vaciones."

el 18 de noviembre
Be "listo" (ready) to say your memorized "Esqueleto" presentaci�n jueves
el 19 de noviembre en clase. You must have your completed "Esqueleto"
picture with you(unless you have already given it to Sra. OT)

el 16 de noviembre - el 18 de noviembre
Memorize the first part of your "Mi Esqueleto" story (the fill-in-the-blank
sheet we started in class last week) up to "El/Ella no lleva..." Be ready
to say this part of the story on Tues. or Wed., whichever day you have
Be ready to say the whole story, memorized, by Thurs.
Bring your "story" sheet (for Sra. OT) and picture to class EVERY DAY this
week. You will be graded on your recitation and picture.

el 12 de noviembre
Due lunes:
1) Your "Mi Esqueleto" picture
The esqueleto must be wearing 5 items of ropa (clothing)that you have
cut out, colored, and glued on it (or drawn, such as gafas de sol.)
You must have 2 labels on the picture:
1) a title such as "MI ESQUELETO"
2) Either "El se llama ________"with a boy's Spanish name or
"Ella se llama____" with a girl's Spanish name

2) You must have filled in the blanks in the story that was passed out
in class. Bring this lunes! Use the yellow sheet that was passed out
in class to guide you as you write this. (You do not have to write
anything on the yellow sheet, just the white one.)
3) Start to practice your story. You will be memorizing it for an oral
presentation to go along with the picture.
ABSENTEES: We will catch you up on this when you return.

el 11 de noviembre
Pr�ctica el vocabulario de "La Ropa," p. 18 del manual, o en el blog.
We will work on your "esqueletos" en clase jueves. You will finish making
them and writing a short paragraph about them as tarea over the fin de
semana (weekend.)

el 9 de noviembre
Estudia para la prueba martes(per.8) y mi�rcoles (all other periods)
Estudia el alfabeto y 4 preguntas:
1) �C�mo te llamas?
2) �C�mo est�s?
3) �Qu� tal?
4) �Qui�n es?
Be able to ask and answer these in espa�ol
NOTE: The esqueleto project is being worked on IN CLASS at this point. It
is not homework!

el 5 de noviembre
Bring your cola and tijeras to class on lunes
Pr�ctica el alfabeto - Hay una prueba mi�rcoles
Estudia el vocabulario de la ropa, p. 18 del manual

el 4 de noviembre
1)Complete the "buscapalabras de Halloween" (Halloween wordsearch.) If this
is difficult for you, you only need to find 1/2 the words. However,next to
the Spanish words on the bottom, write what each means in English. Use the
orange Halloween vocabulary sheet that we filled out in class last week to
do the bottom translation part.
2)Keep practicing the alfabeto. You will have a quiz on this next week on
mi�rcoles, el 11 de noviembre.

This pan was purchased at a small panader�a (bakery) in East Norwalk
called "Los Portales." (It is also known as Galicia Restaurant and Bakery.)
The address is 218 East Ave., Norwalk, CT 06855. Phone: 203-854-9277. The
bakery is on the right, just before you cross under the bridge on East Ave.

el 2 de noviembre
Keep practicng the alfabeto. You will have a prueba on this next week.
As well as the practice we do in class, it is your job to practice "las
letras" at home as well.

el 29 de octubre
No hay tarea.
�Feliz D�a de los Muertos y Feliz Halloween!

y el 28 de octubre,el 27 de octubre, el 26 de octubre
1) Practice the alphabeto espa�ol
2)Be "listo o lista" to do your skit if not already done.
3)Complete "Mi vocabulario de Halloween" for extra effort/credit if you
would like.

el 22 de octubre
Be ready to perform your skit, memorized, without the paper.
Props will enhance your skit if you have a good idea.

el 20 y el 21 de octubre
Practice your skit. You will perform it next week "el lunes." If your
class just barely started the skit, your homework is to pick out how you
will tell your partner you are feeling and why you feel that way. (Use the
sheet given out in class.)
Example: � Qu� tal? Muy mal. �Por qu�? Tengo una prueba.

el 19 de octubre
"Completa el apartado amarillo" given out after your "prueba hoy."

el 15 de octubre
�Estudia para la prueba lunes!
Pages 3 y 4 del manual - Be able to write the expressions in Spanish. Spell
as accurately as possible. Example: Good morning = Buenos d�as
muchacho = boy thank you = gracias etc.
Be able to answer the questions in Spanish: �Qu� tal? Bien. (How are
things? Good) Be able to ask: Who is this?
Be able to write the days of the week in Spanish.
Be able to say: Today is Tuesday, Tomorrow is Wed. , and yesterday was
Sunday" in Spanish.
�Buena suerte! Good luck!

el 13 y el 14 de octubre
Per. 8 & per. 1: Practice saying the skit given out in class.(Right side
Periods 2,3, y 7: Completa el apartade amarillo "Acr�stico."
ALL PERIODS: Start to study for the quiz on Monday. It will be on pages 3
and 4 of the manual. It will not include the alphabet or numbers.

el 8 de octubre
All classes except per. 8 (per. 8, see three lines down)
Completa el apartado amarillo "Acr�stico."
Note that your next quiz will be on lunes, el 19 de octubre.
Per. 8 : Completa el apartdado violeta : Los D�as de la Semana

el 7 de octubre
Completa el apartado violeta "Los D�as de la Semana."
You will have a prueba on the d�as de la semana and pages 3 y 4 of the
manual (the parts we have done) either jueves el 15 de octubre o lunes el 19
de octubre.

el 6 de ocutbre (Per. 8 only)
You will not be missing classes this week. ����No hay tarea martes!!!!

el 5 de octubre
Completa el apartado "�Escoge Bien!"
Follow the directions given in class.

el 1 de octubre
Estudia para la prueba lunes! (Study for the quiz on Monday)
It's on los n�meros 0 - 29 and three questions:
�C�mo te llamas? Me llamo ....(Susan
�C�mo est�s? Muy bien, gracias.
�Qui�n es? Who is that?

el 29/30 de septiembre
1)Completa "Sopa del D�a" crucigrama (crossword.) It's due jueves, Thurs.
(Extra copies are on the desk on front of the computer.)

2)Bring number index cards to class all week. (You only need to complete 0 -
21. Completing 22 - 29 is optional to help you study.)

3) You will have a quiz on numbers 0 -29 next week on Monday, Oct.5
The quiz will be like this: If I say "siete" you will write this on your
paper: 7
There will also be a couple of basic questions on the quiz that we will
discuss in class.

el 24 de septiembre
1) All classes except per. 8: Your "Cabeza de Huevo" (Egghead) project is
due on mi�rcoles (Wed.) Sept. 30.
Period 8: Your Cabeza de Huevo sheet is due on martes (Tues.), Sept. 29.
All classes: Follow the instructions carefully and submit your best quality
work. This will be graded and count as a quiz grade.
2) Keep memorizing numbers 0-29. Bring your flashcards 0-21 all next week.
Make extra cards if you are having difficulty with numbers 22-29.

el 22 de septiembre y el 23 de septiembre
Completa 2 apartados blancos (on n�meros)
(Complete 2 white worksheets (on numbers)
Keep practicing the n�meros 0 - 21

el 21 de septiembre
Memoriza los n�meros 11 - 21.

el 17 de septiembre (All periods)
1) Finish the 22 tarjetas with numbers 0 - 21
Put the number itself on one side, and spell it on the other side.
(Remember that 0 = cero and 21 = veintiuno)
2) Complete the worksheet that was given out in class today (The one that
has the numbers 1 - 20 spelled out on the right hand side.)

el 16 de septiembre(for periods 1,2,3,and 7)
1) Bring 22 blank cards to class
2) Bring a prop for extra credit(optional)
3) Memorize how to say numbers 0 -10 en espa�ol

el 15 de septiembre (for per. 8 only)
1)Complete the papel amarillo (yellow paper) given out in class for
jueves, Thurs.
2)Bring 22 tarjetas TO CLASS. (Do not leave them in your locker!)

el 14 de septiembre
1)Quiz - Study supply word sheet
3)Bring 22 blank tarjetas(fichas) for Thurs.

el 9 y el 10 de septiembre
1) Memorize supply words
2) Practice whole script and memorize your part.

el 8 de septiembre
1)Keep practicing the supply words. They should be memorized.
2) Practice saying the words from the script handed out in class (up to
whatever number we ended with in your class today.)

el 3 de septiembre del 2009
1)Make sure you bring in any classroom supplies that you didn't already
bring in to show Sra. OT
2)Memorize the supply words
3) Translate the supply words on the 1/2 sheet of paper given to you in
class Thurs. if you did not complete it in class. We will correct this on
4) have a great "fin de semana1" (weekend)

el 2 de septiembre del 2009
Please have all of "Los objetos para la clase de espa�ol" to show me in
class on Thurs. However, if you meet period 1 you have until next Wed.(the
first day we meet next week because of the holiday) since we missed most of
first period on Monday.
Everyone needs to be practicing these classroom words and starting to
memorize them.

el 15 de junio
Completa el apartado beige.

el 10 de junio
Completa el apartado rosado "�Qu� hora es?"
We will correct both the "paquete" y el apartado rosado en clase jueves.

le 8 de junio
Completa el paquete del reloj (�Qu� hora es?) as indicated in class.

el 1 de junio
Completa 2 apartados
1) los animales
2) Colorea el reloj

el 27 de mayo
Everyone who is ready will do their presentation this week. However,the last
possible day to do your presentation will be on lunes, el 1 de junio.
(Except for Odyssey of the Mind students. They need to check in with me for
their presentation date.)

el 21 de mayo
!Trae tu peluche mi�rcoles pr�ximo. (Bring your stuffed animal.)
Memorize your presentaci�n for mi�rcoles pr�ximo.

el 20 de mayo
Completa la presentaci�n. (Finish writing the worksheet.) Start to
memorize it. You will present next week!
Bringing your animal is optional until "la semana pr�xima"(next week.)

el 18 de mayo
Continua a completar el apartado de la presentaci�n. Do up to "Choose #1 or
2" or more if your class went further ahead.
Have your animal picked out but do not bring it to class until next week.
Start to practice and memorize your presentaci�n.

el 14 de mayo
Completa el apartado caqui (beige)(as m uch as instructed in class.)
Decide what your stuffed animal will be for your presentation.

el 13 de mayo
Completa el apartado verde.
(La maestra est� delante de la puerta = The teacher is in front of the
door.) (S�)

el 11 de mayo
Completa el apartado rosado.

le 4 de mayo
Estudia para la pruebe jueves el 7 de mayo.
Estudia el apartado "�Qu� recomienda usted?" (The first time I gave you
sheet is was anaranjado, the second time some of you got it in blanco.)
Using the flashcards on the blog is a helpful way to prepare as well.(Highly

le 27 de abril
Keep practicing your skit. Plan props (these count toward the grade.)You
will do the final presentation next lunes, el 4 de mayo. We will do
practice "runs" in class this jueves el 30 de avril.
Also, practice for the quiz that you will have next week,mi�rcoles el 6 de
mayo (or jueves el 7 de mayo if you are on the bronze team and have a field
trip on mi�rcoles.)
So: Skits on Monday,el 4 de mayo, and quiz on next Wed., el 6 de mayo(unless
you are on bronze team and your quiz is on next Thurs.el 7 de mayo.)

el 23 de abril
Be practicing and working on your restaurant skit. You will present it
jueves el 30 de abril. You must present it with expression and good
pronunciation. You also must have props!

el 22 de abril
Bring your completed Buscapalabras to class and you animal picture.
Rememeber, you must have at least 8 animals and each must have a label in
Spanish including el or la. You must also color the picture. It's due
jueves unless you were absent.

el 20 de abril
Your animal/zoo picture is due jueves el 24 de abril.

el 16 de abril
!!!!! NO HAY TAREA !!!

el 15 de abril
Completa 1 apartado

el 13 de abril
Completa 2 apartados.

el 1 de abril
Completa los 3 apartados.
Bring your Bingo board.

el 30 de marzo
Study for the prueba on mi�rcoles. Study the food and colors. Use the blog
for the food,. The manual has the colors and food.
Also know how to see these words or answer these questions en espa�ol:
�Tienes hambre? (are you hungry?) "S�, tengo hambre" o "No, no tengo
�Tienes sed? (Are you thirsty?) "S�,tengo sed" o "No, no tengo sed."
Study these words too.
pepinos= cucumbers pepinillos= pickles pimiento verde= green pepper
merienda= snack postre = dessert
Be able to write the names of the 3 meals as well (desayuno, almuerzo, cena.)

el 26 de marzo
1) Completa los 2 apartados. Un es verde y en es blanco. Remember, el
apartado blanco tiene (has) 2 lados (2 sides.)
2) Estudia la comida y los colores para la prueba mi�rcoles.

el 25 de marzo
1)Completa el paquete.
On many of the pages you are just copying the word. Your job is to be
learning the words as you write them. For the other pages, use the
vocabulario on the last page or give an educated guess.
2) Prueba sobre comida y colores mi�rcoles el 1 de abril. Start to practice
for this with the blog! Leave a comment!

el 24 de marzo
Comnpleta el apartado blanco " Tengo hambre," "Tengo sed." Draw one picture
for each item, color it, and label it in Spanish.

el 19 de marzo
Memorize your cut-out comida vocabulario.
Use the blog to practice. Leave a comment for a participation grade of

el 18 de marzo
Completa 2 apartados : un apartado es amarillo oscuro y un apartado es
Be sure to bring your bolsa with the cut out comida to every clase.

el 12 de marzo
Completa the food buscapalabras given out in class. Es un apartado azul.
you want a challenge, complete the back as well for extra credit.

el 11 de marzo.
Estudia para la prueba. Use the study guide we corrected in class and p. 9
of manual.

el 26 de febrero
1) Completa the color palette apartado. This will be graded.
2)Finish cutting and coloring the food items. Bring them to class in your
Baggie. Do not spend a lot of time coloring and cutting these. The color is
just to help you identify the items and you will not be graded on this.

el 25 de febrero
Completa el apartado rosado given out en clase.
We will continue working on the food packet en clase.

el 23 de febrero
1) Be listo (ready) to do your family presentation if you haven't already
done it.
2) Complete the color "buscapalabras" given out in class.
3) Bring markers or colored pencils and a zip-lock Baggie for the food
cut-outs we will be making in class.

el 13 - 22 de febrero
LAS VACACIONES : NO HAY TAREA !!!! We will do any presentations that haven't
been done starting on miercoles el 25 de febrero. BUENAS VACACIONES !!!!

el 9 de febrero
Be memorizing your family story. You must have photos, clip-art, or a
poster to help tell your story to get a grade of A.

el 5 de febrero
complete weather worksheet

el 4 de febrero
Complete the 2 worksheets given out in class. One says "Aparea"(Match) and
the other one says "El tiempo y las estaciones" (the weather and the
Keep practicing your family story.

le 2 de febrero
Complete the white worksheet passed out in class today that says "Mi
Familia." Use the adjective sheet given out in class to do this, and use at
least 2 adjectives for each person you describe. Practice reading this a few
times as you will be memorizing it once we complete it.

el 26 de enero
1) Complete the dark pink wordsearch about "La Familia" that was passed out
in class today.
2) Study for the quiz that will take place this Thurs., Jan 29. It will be
1) Family vocabulary
2) The airport skit lines that are on the sheet given out in class
called "Repaso."
This quiz will take place even if we have a snow day on Wed., so be sure to

el 21 de enero
Complete the family wordsearch given out in class. Write the English for
each of the family words given below the wordsearch as well.

el 14 de enero
1)Be ready to present the poem for a grade ma�ana, tomorrow, el 15 de enero.
2)Continue to bring your 20 tarjetas (index cards.) We will work on them in
class tomorrow, and you will finish them for homework over the weekend if
you don't finish them in class.

el 12 de enero
1) Memorize the whole poem. You will present it for a grade this jueves,
el 15 de enero
2) Complete the pink worksheet given out in class
3) Bring 20 blank tarjetas, cola, y tijeras for miercoles

el 8 de enero
1) Memorize the last four lines of the poema
2) Complete the apartado amarillo about the weather

el 7 de enero del 2009
Memorize the next 4 lines of the poem, from "Pasa una se�ora" to "Despues el
lechero." You will recite these in class this jueves, el 8 de enero.
If you click on links above and go to link #25, you will hear the poem
recited by one of the MMS Spanish teachers.

el 5 de enero del 2009
Memorize the first 4 lines of the "poema," p. 11 (Ventanitas)
el 18 de diciembre
Completa el apartado verde.
Underline the Spanish words and translate any words that you can.

el 15 de diciembre
Be ready to persent your skit. It must be memorized and performed with no
notes or script. Perform with expressiona and feeling! Also, you must have
props, especially the items for your mochila. If you don't have a mochila,
you may use a bolsa instead (a bag.)

el 11 de diciembre
You will work on a "mochila" project in class today. Follow the
directions as this will be graded. Make it neat, creative, and colorful and
give it a Spanish "twist." Spelling counts, so be sure to spell
Use your manual. This is due Monday, but you will have the whole class
period on Thurs to work on it, as well as the weekend if you need or want
more time.
We will practice the skit in class on Monday, and you will perform it on
Wed.12/17 for a grade.

El 10 de diciembre
Keep practicing the skit. You will be performing it next week on Wed.. NO
excuses! You must be ready at that time. That is one week from today.

el 8 de diciembre
1) Practice skit. Write all of your lines including "?Qu� es
esto?" three times with 3 different answers.
2) Completa el apartado blanco (given out in clase today)
Both of these are due mi�rcoles

Para lunes el 3 de noviembre
1)Completa el Dia de los Muertos worksheet given out in class.(It
says "Test", but it is not a test. It is tarea.)
2)(Optional) Go to Sra O'T's Spanish blog at:


You will get extra participation credit if you bring me an index card of
piece of paper describing what you saw on this site, what you learned, and
how you felt about the new site in general. (Did you enjoy it? Is this a
good idea?)
Gracias! !Buen Dia de los Muertos!

Para el 29 - 31 de octubre
1)Practice the classroom objects with your tarjetas. Study at least 10
minutes for each classroom session. Be prepared to answer questions about
how we say these words in Spanish during each classroom session this week.

2)Also, go to the Spanish Links above and listen to the Chocolate song on
links #21 and #22.

!Buen fin de semana!

Note: If you would like to practice speaking at home, click on "Spanish
above. Then go to one of the following links:

Link 3 - Basics - (Hola, gracias, por favor, etc.)
Link 19 - Numbers 0 - 20
Link 7 - Numbers 0 - 20 Backwards! (Very cool!)
Link 20 - Days of the week oral practice
Link 6 - Game with Days of the Week
Link 18 - Greetings - Some are from class and some are new.
Sra. O'Toole

Gracias for checking this site! Please always check here when you
are absent to find out what your assignments are. (You can also call
a friend if you have any "preguntas.")

Also, please note that these assignments are subject to change.

Sra. O'Toole

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