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December 15-19 ,2014

Monday 12-15, Research Outline due.

Tuesday 12-16 Working in class on your Introduction.
Tuesday Homework  12-16 -Use Google Drive -Begin to type your final report. 
Tuesday night type up you introduction and continue using your OUTLINE to 
write the body paragraphs of your report. Use Goggle Drive. 

Wednesday-- In class we will learn how to write a CONCLUSION. 
            Periods 1 and 3 will learn how to write a Conclusion on Thursday.

Wednesday Homework -If you have time, type your completed Research Report 
including your Conclusion. I know you have an English B report due Thursday.

Conclusion Paragraph:
1.Restate the main points you put in your Thesis. 
2. Leave the reader with something to think about.
   "Certainly you agreed with me..."
   " Now you know..."
   "Of course,now you understand why..."

Thursday-In class, we will revise and edit the finished copy of your Research 
Report . 

Thursday Homework- Look over your report one more time and PRINT IT OUT. Make 
sure it has your name and number on the report.


 Friday- Hand in :
 Typed, Final Copy, of your Research Report. Please put your Name and Number 
on it.
 Outline- With your Name and Number on it 

Be proud of yourself for all your effort, and all you have learned about 
writing a research report.

Quiz  Unit 1 words. Postponed until after the Holiday Break. 


Homework is an important part of learning and a reinforcement of the reading
skills and reading strategies we learn and practice each day. 
As always ,the best way to improve reading comprehension and vocabulary 
development is by reading. Your homework for every night remains the same. 

Homework reading may not be done during the school day, but only after the
school day has ended. The best way to become a better reader and learn new
vocabulary is to READ,READ,READ!

When you have other homework, that is,studying for vocabulary quizzes or 
projects I will put them on the white board and on this website. 

 Please bring your SSR book (Sustained Silent Reading Book otherwise 
known as your Independent Reading Book) to Homeroom and to English A class 
every day. Please remember to have a "back up book" with you when you near 
the end of the book you are reading.

Once again, I am so happy to be one of your teachers this year and to be 
to share this great adventure called "middle school" with you!
Please,please,please ask me for help or anything you need.
See you in school!
Mrs. Pierce

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