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Vocabulary Quiz- On Friday June 6,2014 we will have a 
Vocabulary Quiz Unit 7 (yellow packet)

Please have ALL of the pages completed in the Unit 7 Yellow Packet. I will 
check this homework on Friday, June 6,2014 the day of the voc. quiz.  

As always ,the best way to improve reading comprehension and vocabulary 
development is by reading. Your homework for every night remains the same. 

Your homework is the same every night. That is,to read between 20-30 minutes 
every night or any time after school. Homework reading may not be done during 
the school day, but only after the school day has ended. The best way to 
become a better reader and learn new vocabulary is to READ,READ,READ!

When you have other homework, that is,studying for vocabulary quizzes or 
projects I will put them on the white board and on this website. 

 Please bring your SSR book (Sustained Silent Reading Book otherwise 
known as your Independent Reading Book) to Homeroom and to English A class 
every day. Please remember to have a "back up book" with you when you near 
the end of the book you are reading.

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