French Class Links

French Class Links

Here are some links for all sorts of things that you can practice at home.

Quiz yourself on family member vocabulary
CH7 Family Vocabulary

Use this Hangman game to practice spelling of possessive 
adjectives and family
CH7 Family Vocabulary and Possessive Adjectives

Try the Online Activities to get some practice!
CH7 family members and ages

U.S. State Department webpage for homework. 
Cote d'Ivoire U.S. State Department webpage 

This is the updated U.S. STate Department webpage for homework. 
Updated Cote d'Ivoire U.S. State Department page

This is the only link that you are allowed to use if you do not 
want to try any of the recipies that I have provided for you to 
try. Stick to the recipies marked easy or that have videos. 
Recipies in French Website

Déjeuner du Matin - Jacques Prévert

Le Cancre - Jacques Prévert

Bleu et Blanc - Maurice Carême

Ah! Que la terre est belle

French Poems to Choose From

Favorite Towns of Provence and Cote d'Azur
Provence Link 1

"Real Provence" Cities
Provence Link 2

If you don't want/have time to do your own fish, or just want 
click on this link and print out a fish!
Poissons D'avril

French department store similar to the American Macy's
Galleries Lafayette

High end French department store, on par with the American Sak's 
Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale's.
Le Bon Marche

A multi-service French department store.
Bazar de l'Hotel de Ville

One of the most recognizable names in French department stores.

Family friendly, affordable shopping.

French clothing store
Agnes B

One of the leading mail-order fashion retailers in France
La Redoute

The French version of a well-known American online retailer 
Amazon France

Bonprix is a well established French catalogue retailer Their 
moto is "premium fashion at low prices".

Other Resources

Make sure to look through the downloads section to find the recipies I have 
copied for you.