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Welcome to Our Site

This website is being created by Kindergarten teachers for Kindergarten teachers.

There's an easier way to find this site: www.kindergartenresources.info

  • The purpose of this website is for Kindergarten teachers to have a place to share information and resources rather than reinvent the wheel. As teachers, we are constantly creating and recreating lessons, activities, and assessment materials. We often come across worthwhile websites and other things worthy of sharing but are unsure of who is interested. This website is a great way for us to collaborate across schools and lessen the need to recreate materials. We have a wide range of teachers with all levels of experience, and we can all benefit from each other's knowledge.

  • We would love for you to share your lesson ideas, activities, assessment materials, website links, or anything else you feel is worthy of sharing. Please click on "How Can I Share?" for more information.

  • Please take a look around and feel free to print anything you can use with your students. You may need to download or open your Adobe Reader to view the pdf files.

Click here to download: Get Adobe Reader

  • In order to receive an email when new materials have been added, please click on "Newsflash" to sign up. This is also the page to select and view the most recent postings to this site.

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Stop reinventing the wheel!

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