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Homework Ideas

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Lyons Den, Barkers Mill Elementary, Clarksville, TN

This is what I do for homework. It is very easy for me to manage 
and the students and parents really seem to enjoy it as well. I 
copy the calendar on white paper and it stays in the child's 
daily folder. They are encouraged to do at least one activity per 
night and when they have completed the activity they color in 
that box. If the activity has a finished product then they can 
bring it in for me to see and I will put a sticker on it and 
praise them for a job well done. At the end of the month 
if they have completed all of their homework activities then they 
get to go to the treasure box. I hope these will help you 
encourage homework in your classroom, but not overwhelm you.
Homework Calendars

Kelly's Homework Folders:

I use the two-pocket folders with the fasteners in the middle. I 
copy the homework calendar and the accompanying work packet for 
the month and hole-punch it. I place these in the middle of the 
folder. The monthly book record and sight word cards go in the 
pockets of the folders.
Kelly's Kindergarten

A Compact for Reading and School-Home Link - K-3
Also available in Spanish
Nightly Reading Homework Activities for Grades K-3

Family FUNdamentals Learning Activities
Nightly Homework Sheets

Weekly Homework Sheets - .doc files you can edit for your classroom needs

Megan writes, "The ABC Fast Start was not my own idea. I got the 
idea from a website somewhere, although I am not sure of exactly 
where. Essentially, the first three or four weeks of school I 
sent home letter cards with the students and I provided each 
parent with a list of activities they should with their child. 
There were five steps. They did each of these activities 
M-W. Then on Thursday they did a ABC game from another list. I 
have attached both the letter describing the fast start five 
activities and the ABC games. You could send home any number of 
letters that you desire. I sent 8-9 letters each week the first 
three weeks of school. Now this wasnʼt comprehensive and it wasnʼt 
my full curriculum for the letters, but it gave each child an 
intro and/or review of the letters. I also told the parents that, 
if they thought just reviewing the letter names was too easy for 
their child then they could use it to review letter sounds."
Fast Start ABC Activities

Fast Start ABC Games

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