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Program Highlights (From Mrs. Russell's Site):

*Emphasis on systematic phonics and study of word structure
*Skills taught explicitly and systematically
*Instruction is cumulative and scaffolds presented skills
*Teacher model with Echo the owl puppet directing students
  to repeat sounds, words, and sentences
*Assessments monitor student learning and skill mastery 
  throughout the program 
*Extensive practice provides multiple opportunities for skills 

Skill Development in Fundations:

*Letter formation
*Phonological and Phonemic Awareness
*Sound Mastery
*Irregular (trick) Word Instruction
*Written Composition
Mrs. Russell's  Overview

Fundation Description

Fundation Graphic and Smartboard-PowerPoint Resources

Principles of the Program

Wilson Language Basics

Fundation Tips

Letter Formation Sheet - PowerPoint and SmartBoard

Interactive Alphabet Cards - SmartBoard File

Wilson Fun Letter Chart - Under Elementary - SmartBoard File

Alphabet Letter Game

Fundations Unit 5 - sentences for the Smartboard

Fundation Resources SmartBoard & Powerpoint

Fundations Overview

First Grade Overview

Letter Formation Guide

Now you have to buy it. It was fun and a great resource.
Create your Own Magnetic Words

Chapter One Unit Test

Chapter Two Unit Test

Chapter Three Unit Test

Great New Fundation's File for the Smartboard

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