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Power Point Presentations

A New Website with More Information - www.smartboardresources.info

Links checked 6/4/16- If you find one that is not working please email us 
at scraig@milforded.org

After checking this whole page I had to delete many great resources because the 
links did not work. If you know their new link/url please email me. Linda's 
Learning, KinderPond, Mr. Lyon, KinderKorner, Mrs. Diminnie, 
MaggiesKinderCorner, Mrs. Meacham's, Mrs. Nelsons Class, Rockingham 
Resources, Vicki Blackwell and Sabine Parish School Kindergarten Resources.

We have started a new website for Smartboard/PowerPoint Resources

Sight Word Practice - By: Sue Craig

Rhyme Time - By: Stephanie Stringer

Counting to 5 - By: Shannon Key

Kelly's Kindergarten - Power Point Presentations

Pete's Power Point Stations - Many Presentations for all ages

Check out the whole site - Many different PowerPoint 
Presentations, pdf files and doc. files that could be used with 
Kindergarteners. We loved the Gingerbread Man PowerPoint 
Presentation - It covers the story elements.
Language Arts - Fairy Tale PowerPoint Presentations

Math - PowerPoint Presentation plus

Eleven Different Color Presentations

Holiday - George Washington - Jungle Animals - Summer

Capital Letter Practice - Sue Craig

Can I Count on You? - By: Connie Campbell

Free Power Point Templates

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