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Welcome To Our Site

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This SmartBoard website is being created by teachers for teachers.

It's easy to find at: www.smartboardresources.info

  • The purpose of this website is for teachers to have a place to share their SmartBoard materials and resources rather than search the internet for hours or reinvent the wheel. As teachers, we are constantly searching or creating new SMART Board materials to complement our curriculum. We often come across worthwhile websites and other resources and we want to save. This website is a great way for us to collaborate across schools and lessen the need to recreate materials. Most of the materials we have included on this site are listed on the resources pages. Some of the materials have been modified to meet our curriculum or teaching needs. 
  • Feel Free to share your materials, website links, or anything else you feel is worthy of sharing. Please click on "How Can I Share?" for more information.

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  • In order to receive an email when new materials have been added, please click on "Newsflash" to sign up. This is also the page to select and view the most recent postings to this site.

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