What's going on in the studio?

Hello Parents, Students and Friends of Westover Elementary School!!!!

Kindergarten has been working on a cloud and rain dance. We are learning about shapes as we transform into various shaped clouds, and eventually do a rain dance!!! We become round, wide, skinny and even heart-shaped clouds. After the rainstorm, we become the sun(round) and even a beautiful rainbow(arch).

First grade is learning all about locomotor and nonlocomotor movement. Locomotor movement allows us to travel around like walking, hopping, and marching. But during non-locomotor movement we dance in place, like wiggle, shake, punch, and reach.

The B team dance focus performed a beautiful piece entitled "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", an interpretive dance where the students created their own movements.

C team is working on learning to move in different pathways. They have focused on circular, straight, zig zag, curvy and arch pathways. They have worked in small groups to choreograph their own pathway dances that demonstrate one particular pathway.

D team is working hard on preparing for our Showcase performance of Aladdin. So far we have learned a "Bollywood" style dance using hand cymbals. We are currently working on a "scarf" dance to the song "A Whole New World".

Please refer to the dance attire section of my website to be sure your child is dressed and ready for dance.

Since we remove our shoes and socks to dance, it is important that your child knows how to put on and tie or secure their shoes by themselves. Please help your child practice this skill at home.

Please consider donating items on the wish list posted to this site. All donations are greatly appreciated!! :)

Parents, please go to the Newsflash Link on my website and sign up to receive e-mails and/or text messages directly from me. I will send out important reminders about upcoming performances and activities that your child will be participating in and I don't want anyone to miss a thing!! 

We are off to a great start this year!

Happy dancing!

Genelle Rabita