# 1   An informative site on the basics of world 

religions, from 

history, to beliefs and more.

# 2  An informative site on the Renaissance.

# 3  Medieval Castles, check it out

# 4 Life in a Medieval castle.  Some great pictures 

and useful 


#5  An interesting site to help learn about the 

Renaissance.  Check it out!

#6  Another site to help learn about the 


# 7   The Great War;  An informative site on WW I providing 

information on the sacrifices made by millions.

#8  A website from a family in Westport who returned to Westport 

on June 18th, 2010 after a 6 1/2 year journey sailing around the 

world. Check it out!

#9  A useful link for all sorts of subjects

# 10  Billy Joels song; "We Didn't Start The Fire" with a video 

identifying all of the things mentioned in the lyrics.  Very 


# 11  First hand raw footage of 3/11/2011 tsunami.

# 12  French Revolutio and Terror

#13  Osama Bin Laden was killed in May of 2011 in a mansion in 

Northern Pakistan.  This link provides some of the events which 

led to his demise.
A time line of Osama Bin Laden demise

# 14   A useful map to better understand imperialism.

#15  A useful site for both American and world history

#  16  A wonderful siter on Ancient China

# 17  A lesson plan on the Black death

# 18  Another useful site in heping to understand the Black Death

# 19  Information on the teenage brain and how ot works.

# 20  A wealth of resources concerning much of world history.

# 21  A wealth of information on U.S. History.

#  22  World War One quiz.  Use as a tool to help prepapre for 

your test.  

# 23 The Lowell Girls

#24 Excerpts from  Upton Sinclairs "The Jungle"

# 25The lowell Girls video

# 26  The Wounded Warriors Project is devoted to helping our 

latest war Veterans become the most well adjusted and supported 

Veterans ever.

# 27  An informative site on the delopment and growth of New 

York city including the experiences of immigrants.

# 28  An informative site on the inca, Mayan, ansd Aztec 


# 29  Link to US history text.  Once here click on student 


# 30  learn about the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 

1941.  Explore and discover many interesting facts about this 

fateful day that changed the world.


# 32   Use this site to create bibliography entries.  Follow 

instructions on the site.

# 33  An interactive link discussing unrest and revolution 

throughout the world.

# 34  An informative article concerning Revolutions, Past and 


# 35  A collection of art and literature work by high school 

students in one N.Y. city highschool during the time of the 


Deprpession. Very interesting.

# 36 A useful site to read, analyze and understand political 

cartoons.  How has this form of communication been used 

throughout our nations history?

#37  An interesting take on Bloombergs proposal to eliminate 

large size soft drinks.

#38   A link to the World History textbook

# 39   Access to World History Text

# 40   How to write a great newspaper article

# 41  Bibliography format for NHD

# 42   History Day handbook

# 43  An interactive website on the "Trail of tears" and other 

native American re;ated stories.

# 44  A 68 page list of regulations pertaining to school 

lunches.  This is actually a subsection.

# 45  A link to the USDA National School Lunch Program.

# 46  Power point on U.S. Imperialism,1,Slide 1

# 47  Not sure what to do in a storm?  Check out this link!!

# 48  An excellent powerpoint on WW I to be used with 

accompanying questions.

#49  The Scientific Revolution

# 50  Additional information pertaining to the Scientific Rev and 

the Enlightenment

#51  Yet more valuable information on the Sci Rev and 

Enlightenment,28,Slide 28

# 52  A "periodic table" of FDR's New Deal elements

# 53  A comparison of FDR and Obama

# 54  A link to our middle ages project

#55  Link to castles of  the Middle Ages and the crusades

#56  An excellent piece on a young man everyone can admire!

#57 ch 22 section 3 quizlet

# 58Top 10 revolution felt around the world

#59  U.S. trade deficits and surpluses around the world

#60  Video lecture on WW I that we saw in class.  An excellent 

# 61   A digital history of America and the world

#62  World Info Zone.  Very informative site on facts from all 
around the world.

#63  A helpful link to prepare for the final exam in world history

# 64 Establishment clause cases.

# 65  Free exercise clause cases

#66  Bill of Rights Institute.  Excellent primary source resource 
for civics, history, and economics.

#67  American Government online text

# 68  American Gov't online text with both Spanish and English 

#69  A link to our American Government book.

#70  Political cartoon analysis power point

# 71  A list of articles and sources of info regarding the 
influence of media in politics.

#72  Mass media and politics

# 73  U.S. Histroy Essential Questions.

#74  How a bill becomes a law

#75  Geographies of Opportunity.  A break down of information 
on congressional district.

# 76 Dialogue on the Separation of Powers, from the American Bar 

# 77 The U.S. Constitution

# 78 U.S. State Constitutions and Web Sites

# 79 “Precedent” (from American Law Encyclopedia, Vol. 8)

# 80 History of Brown v. Board of Education (from the 
Administrative Office of U.S. Courts)

#81:  Top 10 national newspapers.

# 82 2016 Presidential candidates.,_2016&gclid=CM_175nukcYCFVaQHwod5WAATw

#83  A video and lesson on consumerism and art

#84  A useful collection of U.S. history and civics lessons

#85  An informative site on Veterans day.

# 86  A useful link comparing countries

# 87 Presidential Primary article

#88  Supreme Court Website

#89  Global Crisis Tracker!/

# 90  Attached is an article to help you understand what super 
delegates are, how they allegedly work, and why some think they 
are undemocratic.  Read on.

#91  An article in psychology today intended to make voters think 
about what traits candidates have.

# 92 A list of dates for all states primary/caucus as well as 
what type they have.

# 93  Could the entry of M. Bloomberg set off a Constitutional 

# 94  Yet another link explaining the importance of Super 

#95  Smore website.  A useful link to lead to many other links 
for social studies.

# 96 provides all sorts of information on special 
interest groups, candidates, and more.  A useful resource in this 
political season.

# 97 Word document of Am. Gov't workbook.

# 98  Overview on the foundation of American Government, part 1 .

Foundation od American Government, part 2

# 100  Venuzuela and socialism.  How it works or fails to work.

# 101  A link to multiple primary documents on World War One for 
use with the Analysis Worksheet you received in class.