Mr. O'Shaughnessy: AP Government and Politics

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Current Events

News Sources

Here are twenty news and opinion outlets in various formats and 
representative of a wide spectrum of political positions. You will be 
required to use this page to become and remain informed.

The NY Times is known as the "paper of record";. It presents news 
from a left, liberal editorial perspective. It is famous for its 
international coverage and features "in-depth" treatment of 
science, education, art, etc. on different days of the week.
NY Times

The Washington Post- This paper is most famous for breaking the 
Watergate story during the Nixon era.  Like the NY Times, it also 
offers a liberal perspective on the news.
Washington Post

The Washington Times- This paper daily will give you the 
Conservative or "right" viewpoint on newsworthy events
Washington Times

The New York Post- This daily newspaper presents news in with a 
Conservative viewpoint. The format is commonly referred to 
as "tabloid."
NY Post

CBS News-  Of the "big three" broadcast networks, news 
from CBS most often offers a liberal take on the news.
CBS News

FOX News-A 24HR cable news outlet presenting a conservative 
Fox News

MSNBC is the most liberal of the cable news sources.

National Review- A Conservative Opinion and News journal 
founded by conservative writer William F. Buckley.
NRO  National Review Online

US News and World Report- A moderate, or "middle-of-the-
road" weekly news magazine.
US News and World Report

PBS NewsHour- The Public Broadcasting System's TV news program in 
online version.  PBS is a quasi-governmental news outlet as it 
receives some funding from tax subsidy and it offers a liberal 
opinion perspective.

Frontpage Magazine- This opinion journal offers a very 
conservative political view.
Frontpage Magazine

The Nation- This weekly opinion journal presents a hard left 
political viewpoint.
The Nation

Real Clear Politics is a digest site for various political 
opinions, news, polling data, and predictions.  
Real Clear Politics

The Drudge Report is a right-leaning hyper link to other 
newsagencies and stories.  Matt Drudge is a pioneer in internet 
news and is credited with breaking the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal.
The Drudge Report

Politico is a left of center news and opinion clearinghouse site.

Bloomberg offers news from an economic market perspective.
Bloomberg News Service

The Wall Street Journal is the economic paper of record.  Its 
editorial page is decidedly conservative.
Wall Street Journal

The Economist is a weekly economic journal from the perspective 
of european liberalism.
The Economist

The New Republic is the historical journal of American 
The New Republic

C-SPAN is the outlet for government procedural coverage 
including: Congress, U.S. Supreme Court, Federal Agencies, 
hearings, State legislative and executive actions, etc.

This source, IBD, is akin to the Wall Street Journal and is 
relatively conservative in its editorial position.
Investors Business Daily

Cable News Network is the grandaddy of cable news outlets.  
Originially run by Ted Turner, it is now owned by media giant 
Time Warner.

Newsmax is a conservative internet magazine.

The venerable Time magazine, now in its internet incarnation, 
presents a left-of-center view of the news. it should be 
considered as a liberal source.
Time magazine

Freepress tracks ownership of the various media outlets across 
cable, internet, oublishing, entertainment, and broadcasting.

The news through a sports perspective.

The "other" definitive sports source.
Sports Illustrated

"The" Times of London...say no more.
The Times

The British Broadcasting Corporation is the largest broadcast 
news operation in the world. Its perspective is quite liberal.

Weekly Assignments

For the Week of 11/21 thru 11/30: 1.Domestic News: The Penn State Scandal
                          2.International News: The Euro Zone Financial Crisis

The news topics were chosen by Period 7 and the Know-nothing Party is 
responsible for creating the NEWs Bulletin Board outside our classroom. All 
students are responsible for reading two articles on each news item. You 
should choose four separate sources from this page to include: A)one liberal, 
one conservative, one foreign, and one editorial/opinion or B)one 
business/financial, one newspaper, one foreign press, and one sports 
oriented. Choose your articles, print them, and bring them with you to class 
beginning Tues. 11/22.


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