Mr. O'Shaughnessy: AP Government and Politics

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NAME: Mr. O'Shaughnessy

SCHOOL: Norwalk High School

CLASS: AP Government and Politics

SCHOOL PHONE: (203) 838-4481, ext. 13106, e-mail: OSHAUGHNESSYP@norwalkps.org

About The Teacher

I'm a product of the Norwalk Public Schools, a Norwalk High School graduate
(Class of '71), and a Norwalk resident.  I'm committed to quality public 
education in our town and, more specifically, in my classes.

Helping Students is my #1 priority. Inquiries need not be confined to 
academic subjects.  If I can help you I will.  Parents can leave a message 
at the main switchboard, call ext. 13106., or contact me by e-mail. 

Students should never be reluctant to request assistance should 
they feel confused,unsure or overwhelmed.  If I can't assist you, I 
will direct you to someone who can.  I'm usually at school by 7:00 AM 
and remain after school nearly everyday.  Because staff members often must 
attend meetings or engage in extracurricular commitments, it's best 
to check beforehand for after school help.

Mission For The Class

The State of Connecticut has mandated the successful completion 
of a Civics course as a requirement for high school graduation. This Advanced 
Placement Course fulfills that requirement. The 
Legislature believes that young citizens must be fully aware of the 
principles of a democratic republic, the institutions and structures 
developed to foster those principles, and the rights and duties that accrue 
to citizens of a free state.  

In a world that is often hostile to our most basic ideals: individual rights 
and freedoms, equality before the law, limited government, religious and 
philosophical tolerance, and popular sovereignty, it is very important to 
understand how our government works.  It is also imperative that citizens 
participate in governing themselves.  This course will dedicated to those 
major goals.

Further, the AP level is the gateway to higher scholarship and performance. 
The course is intended to prepare students for college level instruction and 
thus will be conducted so as to emulate the expectations and responsibilities 
associated with such a class. The main venue for achieving this preparation
will be an emphasis on the proper "habits of mind."  

I challenge students to take the care and nurturing of this free republic 
seriously. Many of you are already taxpayers and will be eligible to vote 
very soon. It's not just a matter of "getting a good grade" ...we're all 
depending on you to keep freedom alive. 

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