Math Club Permission Slips

Mrs. Gorton’s Math Club


        A weekly Math Club will begin on Wednesdays in October for any student in need of extra assistance in math. The Math Club will take place in Room 39 from 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm.  During this time your child will work in a small group setting on math strategies that have not yet been mastered by your child.  The Math Club will be held weekly on Wednesdays.  In the event that the Club needs to be cancelled, a REMIND text will be sent out and your child will be notified ahead of time.



If you are interested in having your child join the Math Club, please complete the bottom portion of this slip and return it to school.  You may send in a healthy snack for your child to munch on while he/she works after school.  Please make arrangements with your child in advance on how he/she will be getting home after school.

Please cut on the dotted line and return bottom portion to school


I give _________________ permission to stay for Mrs. Gorton’s Math Club which will be held on Wednesdays after school.


Street address: ________________________________________________________

Home Phone: ____________ Cell Phone : _____________ Work phone :___________



Parent/Guardian Signature


***(Please check one)

At 4:15 my child will:___________ take the bus (if only a current bus student)

Please note that your child will be brought to your home and not their regular bus stop!



                                             ___________ walk home

                                    ___________ get picked up


* Please note - All students will be escorted by Mrs. Gorton to front of the building



In case of emergency please contact ____________________

                                                                            (person to contact)

at ________________________.

    (Phone # where the contact person can be reached)