About 6th Grade

Dear Parents/Guardians,                                                                                                                                                                             		                                                                                                                                                                         			

     We would like to welcome you to a new school year and are delighted 
to have your child in our classes. This year, your child will have the 
opportunity to switch classes for all subjects. For mathematics, your 
child will be taught by Mrs. Tamberly Gorton, for science/social studies 
your child will be taught by Ms. Kristin Fleming, and for language arts 
your child will be taught by either Mrs. Katie Harrington or Mr. Sean 
Mingollelo, . As we begin this year, we thought a classroom newsletter 
would be helpful for you in helping your child succeed. Please read this 
with your child and hold onto this letter as there are policies and 
guidelines that you will need throughout the year.
MAKE YOUR DAY – Second Hill Lane School Rule: 
No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety and well-being 
of others! 
You come to school because you are choosing to come to school and lets 
others know that you will be doing the best you can during the school day! 

     Extra help is available on most days. If your child would like to 
stay after for extra help she/he will need to make arrangements with us. 
We also require a note from home giving permission to stay. 

      Each child in Room 39 will have his/her own mailbox and is 
responsible for checking it during homeroom and again at the end of the 
day.  In addition to important notices that will be passed out, your child 
will have a portfolio containing graded assignments.  This will be kept in 
each child’s mailbox and papers may not leave the portfolio unless 
permission is given.  Parents may feel free to view the portfolio at any 
time by making an appointment with the teacher.  All graded papers will be 
held in the portfolios and will be discussed at parent/teacher 
conferences.  Parents always have the option of checking on their child’s 
grades and homework competition on a daily basis once signed up for the 
Parent Portal through Power School. 
     We hope you have found this information helpful. We look forward to 
meeting you at Open House. If you would like to contact us before then 
please feel free to call (203-385-4292) or email us. We look forward to 
working with you to make your child's sixth grade year a successful one.
Mrs. Tamberly Bukovchik-Gorton , Mrs. Katie Harrington, Ms. Kristin 
Fleming and Mr. Sean Mingolleo

Flemingk@stratfordk12.org, bukovchik-gortont@stratfordk12.org,  
harringtonk@stratfordk12.org, mingolellos@stratfordk12.org  

Please sign the below form and send it in with your child. 
(Tear off and return bottom portion on the first day of school)

I have read the classroom letter and understand the classroom policies and 

Student's Signature 			Parent/Guardian's Signature