Homework is a very important part of a child's education. Completing 
homework assignments allows students to use the skills that were taught in 
school. Homework is a crucial part of the student's grades and 
counts as a quiz or test grade. Homework is written on the board and it is 
the child's responsibility to write the assignment in his/her planner.
     Students in the sixth grade can expect an hour of homework per night 
(Monday- Thursday). Homework is given on a daily basis and is to be 
completed the night it is assigned. If a student does not complete her/his 
homework on time, a zero is given. Students are expected to complete the 
missing homework assignment the following night for half credit. 

     If there is an extreme circumstance regarding a child unable to 
complete her/his homework, please call or notify me with a note. The child 
will then be excused that day but must make up the assignment the 
night. Homework is the child's responsibility and notices of missing work 
will go home throughout the marking period.

******Any parent can get a daily/weekly update of your child's progress by 
signing up for the Parent Portal through Power School. This is HIGHLY 
recommended and can easily be done by signing up in the main 

     When a child is absent in Mrs. Gorton's homeroom, he/she is given a 
"While You Were Out" folder that contains all class work, homework, notes 
and notices that the child missed. It is expected that the child put the 
belongings of this folder away in the proper places of his/her binder and 
then return the empty folder to the teacher. 

If your child is in a different homeroom, he/she is to come to math class 
and locate the colored bin according to their homeroom. All classwork, 
homework and notes will be in the bin along with your child's name on 

On the first day of school each child was be given a homework folder. 
This folder must come back to school each day and will be checked for 
completed homework assignments.