Current Math Topics We Are Learning

As new skills are introduced, this page will be updated with sites that can 
assist students who may need extra practice or assistance.  Many sites will 
contain tutorials that can be watched to reinforce what was learned in 

Skill - Review for the rules of divisibility for 2,3,4,5,6,9,and 
Rules of Divisibility

Skill - Greatest Common Factor and Distributive Property
Distributive Property and GCF

There are a couple of ways to find the LCM presented in this 
Please focus on the first method, as we have not learned prime 
factorization yet.  

Students are certainly welcome to continue to watch and learn and 
their questions into the classroom!
Least common multiple (LCM)

Great site to learn more about prime numbers and using prime 
Prime numbers and Prime factorization

Tutorial that explains when to use the GCF or LCM to solve word 

Tutorial on dividing a single digit into a multi-digit dividend 
(division algorithm)

Tutorial on dividing a double digit divisor into a mutli-digit 
(division algorithm)

Tutorial on adding decimals

Tutorial on multiplying decimals

Tutorial on dividing a whole number and a decimal

Tutorial on multiplying fractions within word problems

Tutorial on dividing fractions using the reciprocal

Tutorial on opposite numbers

Tutorial on coordinate plane and quadrants

Tutorial on plotting points on the coordinate plane

Tutorial on reflecting points on a coordinate plane

Tutorial on order of operations

Tutorial on absolute value equations and graphs

Tutorial on exponents

Reflecting a point on a coordinate plane

Tutorial on Ratios and Proportions

Tutorial on the difference between a rate and a unit rate

Tutorial on converting a rate into a unit rate

Tutorial on solving a word problem with unit rate

Twenty four - a very popular math game

Tutorial on solving unit rate problems

Math game on what unit price is the better buy