Concert Etiquette

Concert Etiquette for Adults

1. Refrain from Talking
   This is the first and greatest rule. 

2. Refrain from unwrapping noisy candy/gum wrappers, etc.

3. Silence your cell phone

4. Do not wave or shout out to your child while they are on stage

5. Do not leave as soon as your child's portion of the concert is over

    All of the students deserve a full audience to hear the performance they've worked just as        hard as your child on. Remember, at some point your child's group could be last. 

6. Applaud at appropriate times
    Some music has several sections. Watch the conductor. They'll usually face the audience when the song is over to receive the applause.

7. Do not leave the auditorium while music is being performed
    If you must exit to use the restroom or use your phone, go during an applause. 

8. Go to the concert expecting the best
    You might just be surprised how good your student sounds when the other students join in!