Grading Policy

Band and chorus members will be assessed and grades count toward the honor roll. 

Class Rehearsal Participation (40%)

Appropriate rehearsal/classroom skills are defined as follows:
  • The student has his/her instrument, music folder, pencil and is in their chair ready to begin within 4 minutes of arriving in the music room and with all other materials needed for class that day.
  • The student’s music folder has all required music and is kept neat and free from materials not related to band or chorus.
  • The student is making a reasonable effort to perform the music that has been assigned to the best of their ability.
  • The student follows the three rules of rehearsal etiquette:   
  1. All sounds stop as soon as Mr. Leclerc steps on the podium or stands behind the keyboard at the start of class.
  2. There is absolutely no talking when Mr. Leclerc is working.
  3. All sounds instantly stop on a rehearsal cut-off from Mr. Leclerc


 Performances (25%)

All performances are mandatory! There is a lot of work that goes into preparing our performances. Each member is important and the group is counting on having everyone present for us to sound our best. 

I understand that some conflicts are unavoidable. Some reasons for excused absences:
  1. An excused illness from school. You are not allowed to perform if you were absent from school that day.
  2. Family conflict. A parental note is needed to explain a prior commitment. Please submit this to Mr. Leclerc two weeks before the performance.
  3. An emergency situation. Please send a note, call my office or send an email the following day to explain this absence.

Assessments: Playing/Singing and Written (25%)

Playing/Singing and written tests will be used to asses each band and chorus member’s musical ability and knowledge. Playing/Singing tests will be announced ahead of time to allow each student time to prepare. Tests will check for melodic and/or rhythmic accuracy, intonation (playing in tune), tempo, scales, correct phrasing/tonguing, sight-reading abilities and preparation of concert music. 

                                                           Band Karate and Written Quizes (band and chorus) (10%)

All band students will be participating in the band karate program to assess and keep track of their progress with our class band book. Students will be trying to earn karate "belts" by passing off on a set number of songs for each color belt. Songs can be played for Mr. Leclerc during allotted class time, by arranging time with Mr. Leclerc before or after school, during a study period (Monday E period for 5th/6th grade, Friday F period for 7th/8th grade), and also by calling the music voice mailbox and recording the songs as a "message". Students are expected to earn one belt per month and will be assessed accordingly.